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uerto Rico is home to:
🏢150+ Fortune 500 companies with presence on the Island
🔬12 out of the top 20 life sciences companies have operations in Puerto Rico
🌎Over 1,000 companies export their services to the U.S. and beyond
🚀100s of startups supported by first-rate incubators and accelerators
3️⃣We are ranked #3 in availability of scientists and engineers, according to the Global Competitiveness Index
doing  business  in  pr  puerto  rico  incentive  incentives  fact  facts  statistics  statistic  fb  facebook  post 
9 days ago by yencarnacion
A Brief History of Porn on the Internet | WIRED
From the iAmDoingItWrong Dept:
A stripper named Danni Ashe read a book on HTML programming and launched her own fan site. She started charging $15 a month for access, and before long, Ashe was making $2.5 million a year and reportedly using more bandwidth than all of Central America.
wired  article  history  porn  doing  it  wrong  dept  department 
5 weeks ago by yencarnacion
People that use incognito mode for anything but porn, what are you doing? : AskReddit ;;;
tags: People that use incognito mode for anything but porn what are you doing ? : AskReddit reddit airline booking private internet browse browsing ;;;
People  that  use  incognito  mode  for  anything  but  porn  what  are  you  doing  ?  :  AskReddit  reddit  airline  booking  private  internet  browse  browsing 
february 2019 by neerajsinghvns
Learning vs. Doing
“The fact that you can fool yourself, for the most part, into thinking that you have done something really valuable with your time is really dangerous.”
procrastination  work  doing  can-duruk  learning 
february 2019 by jasdev
Governor Rossello speaks at the Puerto Rico Investment Summit.
14:30 “We have a key set of incentives that makes us the most competitive jurisdictions in the United States to export services [from], [and] to innovate, ...”

20:24 “We are open for business”

25:30-27:00 Were the Governor talks about Puerto Rico as the Hub of the Human Cloud
facebook  live  video  governor  pr  puerto  rico  rossello  investment  summit  doing  business  from  2019  gov  government  tax  taxes  incentives  incentive 
february 2019 by yencarnacion
Impact Journalism Day | Tages-Anzeiger
Lernen Sie Menschen und Projekte kennen, die unsere Welt zum Besseren verändern.
projects  journalism  human  changes  doing  tagi  storytelling 
february 2019 by navegador

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