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Bailey in 100 Pictures
100 Picture memorial of a meme-famous, beloved family pet.
photography  dogs  pets 
2 days ago by tomgrom
Giving With Dogs - Tales and Tails
a nice list of things to do to help people &/with dogs
dogs  volunteer 
4 days ago by annieb
Rude on Twitter: "Every time I'm in the shower my dog stares at me, worried, and he must assume I'm upset in here (because he hates baths) so he thinks if he…"
"Every time I'm in the shower my dog stares at me, worried, and he must assume I'm upset in here (because he hates baths) so he thinks if he drops his toy in that I'll feel better"
cute  twitter  dogs  toys  showers  2018 
6 days ago by handcoding
Eco Friendly ways to stop your dog peeing or pooping on a spot! - PetHaus
 After some epic fails we’ve found a few winning solutions that fit with our preferred eco friendly ethos. Of course no two dogs are the same so you might want to experiment to see what works for you. Here are our fav’s and the pro’s and con’s.
dogs  useful 
7 days ago by timberwolfoz
Assistance Dogs International : Oregon
Home > North America - ADINA > United States > Oregon
7 days ago by marshallk

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