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"Update the Document Set" in code
I have a situation where a workflow adds items to a document set. Viewing the welcome page of that document set displays the banner "Content types that are available to the Document Set have been added or removed. Update the Document Set."
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june 2017 by dremillard
Need to customize newdocset.aspx of document set in Sharepoint 2010 - SharePoint Stack Exchange
My team and I have found a custom solution that does not require a new feature or application page.
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january 2017 by dremillard
SharePoint Document Sets Make Metadata Shine | Sharegate
Among other things, a script to hide shared columns from an edit form.
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september 2016 by dremillard
Document Sets planning (SharePoint Server 2010)
Document Sets is a new feature in SharePoint Server 2010 that enables an organization to manage a single deliverable, or work product, which can include multiple documents or files. A Document Set is a special kind of folder that combines unique Document Set attributes, the attributes and behavior of folders and documents, and provides a user interface (UI), metadata, and object model elements to help manage all aspects of the work product.
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may 2012 by livingstaccato
Document Set Feature in SharePoint 2010
In this article we will be seeing how to create Document Set in SharePoint 2010.
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may 2012 by livingstaccato

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