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No Sleepers Must Sleep
These are the things that Lucy finds infuriating: transparent liquids, vanilla ice cream, slow music, and people who cannot speak Shakespeare correctly.
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5 days ago by ashleytotherescue
Stories with Swordfights
In the mornings, Rory is the one to wake up first. While Amy is lying in, he goes to the bathroom to wash and shave, and when he looks in the mirror sometimes he thinks about how odd his life has been; how out of joint. Sometimes.
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6 days ago by ashleytotherescue
A thread written by @proginequality
This is Delia Darbyshire. If you've ever watched Dr. Who, you've heard her music--though she wasn't originally credited. What you might not know is that she, and other women at the BBC in the 1960s, were pioneers of early electronic music.
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12 weeks ago by archangel

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