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Cilium - API-aware Networking and Security
Cilium brings API-aware network security filtering to Linux container frameworks like Docker and Kubernetes. Using a new Linux kernel technology called BPF, Cilium provides a simple and efficient way to define and enforce both network-layer and application-layer security policies based on container/pod identity.
Kubernetes  networking  security  Linux  Kafka  opensource  Docker  devops  automation  mesh 
yesterday by liqweed
NoDock is the Docker solution for Node. Open-source full-stack environment for your Node projects.
nodock  docker  stack  programming  deployment  open-source  node  nodejs 
yesterday by vicchow
Using Devilbox for Local WordPress Development in Docker
For some time now I’ve been wanting to move all of my local development sites over to Docker instead of running them natively on my machine.
docker  lamp  wordpress  development 
yesterday by robknight
How To Setup Docker for Symfony 4 Applications
I usually used to develop my Symfony projects locally, installing all the dependencies and managing all the configuration by myself (Yes, I know for some people it may sound crazy).
docker  symfony 
yesterday by barbarian_geek

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