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GitHub - gdraheim/docker-systemctl-replacement: docker systemctl replacement - allows to deploy to systemd-controlled containers without starting an actual systemd daemon (e.g. centos7, ubuntu16)
This script may be used to overwrite "/usr/bin/systemctl".
It will execute the systemctl commands without SystemD!

This is used to test deployment of services with a docker container as the target host. Just as on a real machine you can use "systemctl start" and "systemctl enable" and other commands to bring up services for further configuration and testing.

This is achieved by reading and interpreting "*.service" files that have been deployed in the docker container. In many cases those will be in /etc/systemd/system/. Not only the "simple" but also "forking" service types are handled correctly, with the referenced PIDfile used to tell whether the service is running fine.
22 hours ago by smaniero
Kubernetes vs Amazon ECS - Platform9
Kubernetes vs Amazon ECS In this updated blog post we’ll compare Kubernetes with Amazon ECS (EC2 Container Service). We’ll walk you through high-level discussions of Kubernetes and Amazon ECS, and then compare these two competing solutions. For completeness, we provide an overview of Kubernetes. via Pocket
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22 hours ago by jeremyday
Buddy: Build, Test & Deploy Code in Seconds
Buddy is a Continuous Integration service. It supports GitHub, Bitbucket, and Gitlab projects. Automate the lifecycle of web & Docker apps: Build, Test & Deploy.
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22 hours ago by robhawkes
Docker & Ruby: Build a Minimal Docker Container for Ruby Apps | Codeship | via @codeship
Build a Minimal Docker Container for Ruby Apps As a Ruby and Rails developer, I’ve always wanted to have a working and isolated environment for my projects, regardless if it’s a client project, some gem that I work on, or a pet project. Back in the day, I had always wanted to achieve this using Vagrant. via Pocket
ifttt  pocket  architecture  docker  programming  rails  ruby  tutorial 
23 hours ago by jeremyday

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