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Display the macOS Dock in the Touch Bar • Pock
Pierluigi Galdi:
<p>Display your macOS Dock in the Touch Bar.
It's free and open source!</p>

My first reaction is that this is a great idea, though looking at my Dock, it has 56 apps, 31 of them open, and 5 folders, plus the Trash. They're pretty small because I have the Dock on the left-hand side of the screen - leaving it on the bottom is a criminal waste of space.

I guess there's more real estate in the Touch Bar? (I don't yet have a Touch Bar Mac.) Then again, I've got a lot of apps I never use in there, and when I launch apps I tend to do it via Spotlight.

Plus the Dock has one advantage: if you click and hold on an icon, you get a menu of all the open windows and can navigate directly to any of them. Probably can't do that with Pock. Even so, nice idea.
software  mac  dock 
5 days ago by charlesarthur
Plugable - Powerful USB and Bluetooth Devices
Apparently makers of non-suck USB-C hardware, like OWC...
USB-C  USB  hardware  electronics  devices  dock  thunderbolt  TB3 
7 days ago by asteroza
Display macOS Dock in Touch Bar
dock  github  macos  touchbar 
10 days ago by xcession
Display macOS Dock in Touch Bar
macos  touchbar  dock 
10 days ago by xcession

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