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Open Bug Farm
"We're building the world's first Open Source Bug Farm Kit. The kit can produce 18,000 half-size mealworms for less than $10 of feed."
Similar commercial product at
food  do-it-yourself  agriculture 
23 days ago by loimprevisto
Shiny Happy World
"All my patterns are designed especially for beginners and I never release a pattern until I have videos teaching every single skill needed for the project. It’s the whole foundation of what I do and it’s all because of my experience as a learner and as a teacher. I’m a self-taught sewist, and I learned before there was an internet. I still have such vivid memories of struggling with the instructions in patterns and sewing books! They assumed so much knowledge that I didn’t have (I didn’t even take home ec in high school so I had NO base knowledge) and the spare illustrations felt so cryptic to me. I was a student with a weird schedule and no car, so taking in-person classes was out of the question. And then I discovered the show Simply Quilts and it was like the whole world opened up. Alex Anderson was in my living room showing me how to quilt and it was all so clear! I want to provide that experience for my readers."
sewing  education  do-it-yourself 
june 2018 by loimprevisto
TM 4-42.21 (FM10-16) General Fabric Repair
Publication that superseded FM10-16.
Field manual 10-16 consists of general instructions for the inspection and repair of military clothing, textiles, canvas, and webbing. It covers methods for sewing by hand and by machine. It includes directions for different kinds of stitches, seams, darns, and patches. It explains how to replace fasteners (zippers), and hardware items.
sewing  military  do-it-yourself 
june 2018 by loimprevisto
Luna Cycle Fast Ebikes and Electric Bike Kits
Providers of quality ebikes, electric bike batteries, motors and components at affordable pricing. Conversion kits.
ebike  do-it-yourself  conversionkit 
may 2018 by Aoterra Forums

Inspire, educate, encourage and assist those interested in great coffee and homeroasting through networking, discussion and sharing.


Provide a non-commercial resource that enables the free-exchange of information via articles, postings and others forms of coffee-related communication in support of the home coffee roaster. Encourage local meetings that will support homeroasteres worldwide"
coffee  forum  do-it-yourself 
march 2018 by loimprevisto
Web application from scratch
"This is the first in a series of posts in which I’m going to go through the process of building a web application (and its web server) from scratch in Python. For the purposes of this series, I’m going to solely rely on the Python standard library and I’m going to ignore the WSGI standard."
python  programming  do-it-yourself  education 
march 2018 by loimprevisto
OS Developers Wiki - Expanded Main Page
"Welcome to Operating System development; the great frontier.

Not all "make it" in this field, many don't even pass the "Hello World" of OS development, but perhaps you will go further and create the next Linux? Or Windows? Or are your goals lower - MenuetOS? Or even CP/M?

Whatever your goals, OSDev'ing is the great pinnacle of programming. But, you're not alone. In fact, this entire website, including the forums and this Wiki, are dedicated to OSDev'ing. This is not only about great programming skills, but is about community and developing friendships. Be those friendships between fellow forum members or IRQs and processes.

What do you need to succeed in OSDev'ing? You should read the Getting Started article. If you are going to use C/C++ as your language of choice, you are required to build a GCC Cross-Compiler first. And if you prefer to use other Languages then it is important to have some similar tools (e.g. compiler) or if there's no such tools it is often only your efforts that can help you. But going along with your preferred language can add some motivation and excitement during your work.

Good luck! "
operatingsystem  programming  education  do-it-yourself 
november 2017 by loimprevisto
Modding community based around building gaming consoles from Raspberry Pi boards. Well written tutorials and great forums.
hardware  raspberry_pi  gaming  computer  electronics  do-it-yourself 
october 2017 by loimprevisto
Creative And Fun Dollar Tree MASSIVE Haul: ALL ABOUT HALLOWEEN Part 2 Of 2 | Best Images Collections HD For Gadget windows Mac Android
Dollar Tree MASSIVE Haul: ALL ABOUT HALLOWEEN Part 2 of 2 Here is the link to Part 1!! **ALL NEW ITEMS*** PART 2 OF 2 Dollar Tree has done it again! This Dollar Tree Haul is the culmination of at least ten trips to their tricked out stores, filled to the rafters with Halloween fun! […]
IFTTT  WordPress  Halloween  dollar  tree  diy  do-it-yourself  projec...  haul  Nanas  design  studio 
august 2017 by wotek

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