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Domains abfangen mit der FritzBox als DNS-Server | Adrian Jagusch
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Der Computer, auf den die Verbindungen umgeleitet werden sollen, muss im Netzwerk angemeldet sein. Er benötigt jetzt eine feste IP-Adresse. Das geht im Fritz-Box-Interface über das Menü Heimnetz und den Bearbeiten-Button neben dem ausgesuchten Gerät. Hier muss das Häkchen bei Diesem Netzwerkgerät immer die gleiche IPv4-Adresse zuweisen. gesetzt werden. Abspeichern und IP-Adresse merken - diese brauchen wir im nächsten Schritt.
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7 hours ago by syrabo
Fox-IT reveals hackers hijacked its DNS records, spied on clients' files
Protect your website's DNS entries. Choose decent, unique passwords. Enable two-factor authentication on the account. And, if you have the clout, request that your DNS registrar confirm with a manual phone call if there is ever an attempt to point the records elsewhere.
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2 days ago by whip_lash
Chrome 63 forces .dev domains to HTTPS via preloaded HSTS
Chrome 63 (out since December 2017), will force all domains ending on .dev (and .foo) to be redirected to HTTPS via a preloaded HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS) header
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2 days ago by ebouchut
xip.io is a magic domain name that provides wildcard DNS for any IP address.
xip.io is a magic domain name that provides wildcard DNS
for any IP address. Say your LAN IP address is
Using xip.io, resolves to
www. resolves to
mysite. resolves to
foo.bar. resolves to
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2 days ago by slavko
Fox-IT hit by cyber attack - Fox-IT (ENG)
What a wonderfully transparent after-action review of an incident. Though changing the registrar password regularly doesn't seem like it would buy them much, as they kept their password in a vault and rarely used it (low chance of extraction/exfil), and the subtle implication the registrar got owned. Though as a mitigation to lack of 2FA, at the registrar, maybe worthwhile. But the real need is watching for abnormal events, which requires a registrar change feed or external monitoring, as you need to trigger on registrar change events or general DNS SOA changes.
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3 days ago by asteroza

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