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Datenschutz bei Domains: Wattislos bei Whois? - Golem.de
Die Datenschutzgrundverordnung sorgt nicht nur bei vielen Unternehmen für rege Betriebsamkeit, sondern auch bei Registraren und Icann. Die geplanten Neuregelungen könnten für
recht  dns  datenschutz 
13 hours ago by andreaskoch
KSK Rollover Postponed - ICANN
Tbqf says that the failure to pull this off is a death blow for this unnecessary system
19 hours ago by jcretan
Checking ssh public key fingerprints
Checking of a ssh server key via DNS: You can put the server keys fingerprint in DNS (Domain Name System) and get ssh to tell you if what it the two fingerprints match. This is not a guarantee but it makes Mallory's job harder since he needs to spoof DNS as well as ssh, which can be done as few domains yet implement DNSSEC.
ssh  dns  security 
3 days ago by jchris
Free and short JS.ORG domains for GitHub Pages
js  dns 
3 days ago by victorfuertes

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