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A Technical Deep Dive: Securing the Automation of ACME DNS Challenge Validation | Electronic Frontier Foundation
Earlier this month, Let's Encrypt (the free, automated, open Certificate Authority EFF helped launch two years ago) passed a huge milestone: issuing over 50 million active certificates. And that number is just going to keep growing, because in a few weeks Let's Encrypt will also...
dns  internet  security 
2 days ago by gvod
NIP.IO - wildcard DNS for any IP Address
> Dead simple wildcard DNS for any IP Address

> NIP.IO maps <anything>.<IP Address>.nip.io to the corresponding <IP Address>, even maps to
dev  service  nip.io  ip  address  wildcard  testing  development  localhost  dns 
2 days ago by jefftriplett
sslip.io is a DNS (Domain Name System) service that, when queried with a hostname with an embedded IP address, returns that IP Address. It was inspired by and uses much of the code of xip.io, which was created by Sam Stephenson.
sslip  wildcard  dns  service  programming  tool 
2 days ago by vicchow
Solved: Re: mDNS/bonjour forwarding - Page 3 - Ubiquiti Networks Community
set service mdns repeater interface eth1
set service mdns repeater interface switch0
dns  avahi  ubiquiti  router 
3 days ago by eljojo

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