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Robot fact checkers should spell the end of awful 'fake news' - inews.co.uk
In a similar announcement last week, City University in London received a £300,000 grant by Google’s Digital News Initiative (DNI) to develop a data mining and verification app, DMINR, that will enable journalists to make automated scans of terabytes of data collected by public bodies.
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2 hours ago by paulbradshaw
Google startet letzte Bewerberrunde für den Digital News Innovation Fonds | Horizont
Google hat am heutigen Dienstag eine neue Bewerbungsrunde für seinen Digital News Innovation Fonds gestartet, der Innovationen in der Medienbranche fördert. In der sechsten und letzten Runde werden Modelle für nachhaltige Geschäftsmodelle für Nachrichten gesucht. 
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october 2018 by Medienwoche
RT : Googles ist ein Anfang. Wenn es darum geht, substanziell Innovationen zu unterstützen, muss das aber nac…
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september 2018 by ckatzenbach
INMA: 4 ways Google News Lab is driving innovation in newsrooms
four main challenges.”
Those are:

How to improve the situation around trust and misinformation.

How to build local news organisations around the world.

How to advance inclusive journalism in newsrooms everywhere.

How to ensure emerging technology helps newsrooms advance their missions.
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august 2018 by paulbradshaw
“Using Google DNI funding to help make sensory data a practical tool for journalists”
we’ll build machines that can interpret information from the world around us — such the air we breath and the sunshine (currently) beating down on us, or the roads we drive on — so we can add more useful data, context, content, impartiality, and transparency to our stories. That means people reading them get a more detailed understanding of the news that impacts on their lives, and should help them care more ab
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august 2018 by paulbradshaw
C4CJ awarded six-figure fund from Google DNI Fund | Centre for Community Journalism
In collaboration with the Media Innovation Studio (MIS) at the University of Central Lancashire, VMN will enable publishers to easily access, buy and republish high quality editorial content from community and hyperlocal news organisations across the UK.
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july 2018 by paulbradshaw
UK Teen Who Hacked CIA Director Sentenced To 2 Years In Prison - Slashdot
Gamble, otherwise known by his online alias Cracka, was 15 at the time that he started his hacking campaigns. The alleged leader of a hacking group known as Crackas With Attitude (CWA), Gamble made it a point to target members of the U.S. government. The young hacker's group managed to successfully gain access to ex-CIA director John Brennan's AOL email account. The group hacked a number of accounts belonging to former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, including his personal email, his wife's email, and his phone and internet provider account. The hackers allegedly made it so every call to Clapper's home phone would get forwarded to the Free Palestine Movement.
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april 2018 by bwiese
NOAA speeds up remote sensing license reviews amid broader regulatory changes - SpaceNews.com
"The small office that currently handles licensing of commercial remote sensing systems says it’s made major progress in processing license applications, even as the government moves ahead with broader reforms."

2015: avg 210 days
2016: avg 140 days

"One reason for the decreased review time is the establishment of a memorandum of understanding last year involving the Departments of Commerce, State, Defense and Interior, and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, establishing procedures for interagency reviews for commercial remote sensing license applications."

"Some changes will require legislation, and the recommendation called on the Commerce Department to develop a legislative proposal “that would further enable the rapid, efficient, and predictable permitting of commercial remote sensing activities” by July 1."

"Congress has already been looking into legislative reform of the commercial remote sensing licensing process. The House Science Committee favorably reported last June the American Space Commerce Free Enterprise Act, which includes provisions to streamline licensing of such systems. The Senate has been drafting its own commercial space legislation that is also expected to address regulatory reform."
SpaceNews  NOAA  EO  remote-sensing  space  satellite  legislation  DoC  DoD  StateDepartment  DNI 
april 2018 by pierredv
AFPData, a project featuring AFP and three partners, is selected for Google DNI funding | AFP.com
AFPData aims to make original, reliable, selected and indexed datasets easily accessible in order to assist newsrooms. The project also covers the use of enriched data for automated or semi-automated production and monetization of new types of content.
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january 2018 by paulbradshaw

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