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Want to store your photos in digital DNA? Here's how | KIRO 7
Scientists at University of Washington and Microsoft are storing digital data — like music videos and digital photos — into strands of synthetic DNA, and now you can participate.
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DNA data storage gets random access | IEEE Spectrum
Researchers have devised a system to recover targeted files from 200 megabytes of data encoded in DNA. Luis Ceze, professor of computer science and engineering at the UW, is quoted.
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‘Daisy-chain’ gene drive vanishes after only a few generations | New Scientist
Each element contains one or more genes that contribute towards the whole gene drive. In Esvelt’s design, element A can only copy and paste itself if element B is present. Element B can only copy and paste itself if element C is present. And element C, crucially, cannot copy and paste itself at all – it can only spread by normal breeding, to half of offspring.

The idea is to release thousands of mosquitoes, say, carrying all three elements. When they mate with wild mosquitoes, all the offspring will inherit element A and B, but only half will inherit element C. In the following generations, element B will spread rapidly and A will spread even more rapidly, but C will gradually die out. Once it does, B will start to disappear, and finally A will too.
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