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The Brain’s Default Network and its Adaptive Role in Internal Mentation
Includes section on Disruption of the default network in disease
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4 weeks ago by JudithW
The time we have here: A photographic look inside the lives of Thomas Jefferson High School’s immigrant soccer players | Dallas News
Their lives are filled with nervous tryouts, crappy fast food jobs, new shoes and new girlfriends.

Through it all, the questions lurk, tucked behind the latest Snapchat sensation or Ozuna hit song:

What will the judge say at my next court appearance? Will my dad make it home tonight? Should I tell my girlfriend I might be gone next month?

The Thomas Jefferson High School boys soccer team is entirely Hispanic, with most members from Mexico and a handful from Central America. Some are U.S. citizens, while others crossed the border illegally but are seeking to stay through asylum, residency or other legal means.

They don’t watch or listen to the news. “It makes my mom worry,” said César Escobar, who migrated from Honduras as an unaccompanied minor in 2015 to escape gang violence.
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4 weeks ago by reginajmc
Contributions of default mode network stability and deactivation to adolescent task engagement | Scientific Reports
While the exact function of the DMN has proven elusive, it is involved in a wide variety of cognitions, such as autobiographical memory, spontaneous thought, and the integration of social information3,4,5,6. Furthermore, disruption of DMN connectivity is linked to psychopathological states such as schizophrenia, ADHD, conduct disorder, and depression
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12 weeks ago by JudithW
Workflow and Decision Automation Platform | Camunda BPM
Open source platform for BPMN workflow and DMN decision automation. Download now.
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march 2019 by lincze
Web-based tooling for BPMN, DMN and CMMN |
Simple web-based tooling for BPMN, DMN and CMMN.
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march 2019 by lincze

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