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Pace Layering: How Complex Systems Learn and Keep Learning · Journal of Design and Science
Stuart Brand on the “shearing layers of change”. Fast parts learn, slow parts remember, and the differences between their speeds can cause friction or barriers to change.
dls  design  systems  complexity 
15 hours ago by gerwitz
sketch-constructor/__examples__/generating-sketch-from-style-dictionary at master · amzn/sketch-constructor
Read/write/manipulate Sketch files in Node without Sketch plugins! - amzn/sketch-constructor
sketch  dls 
yesterday by benjamincharity
Cross-Platform Design Tokens With Amazon Style Dictionary
Using Amazon Style Dictionary to unify the design system implementation of a complex (React, Angular, React Native) application.
dls  tokens 
2 days ago by benjamincharity
GitHub - sturobson/Awesome-Design-Tokens
Contribute to sturobson/Awesome-Design-Tokens development by creating an account on GitHub.
dls  ui  curated 
2 days ago by benjamincharity
The condescending UI - The Verge
A pre-flat-design rant against UI failing to get out of the way of expert users
dls  ui  design 
13 days ago by gerwitz
Design System Playground
Play with typography, colors and themeable components in your design system.
dls  ui 
28 days ago by benjamincharity
Because, colors are beautiful - _carbondesign - Medium
Over the past few years, IBM’s Carbon Design System and Brand Experience teams partnered to craft a universal color palette. A second iteration, set to launch with Carbon’s October minor release…
ux  color  dls 
8 weeks ago by benjamincharity
Starbucks Creative Expression
Our green is iconic. Visible for blocks. It’s our most identifiable asset, from the color of our aprons to our logo.
Branding  DLS 
11 weeks ago by charlsy
Home | Laws of UX
A refreshingly reasonable set of "psychology in design" concepts.
ux  reference  dls  design 
12 weeks ago by gerwitz
Humane by Design
Nice collection of design guidelines.
ux  reference  dls  design 
12 weeks ago by gerwitz
Carbon Design System
IBM expresses their DLS with code
dls  design 
12 weeks ago by gerwitz

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