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[1511.06443] Neural Network Matrix Factorization
Seems relevant for heterogeneous data. Could be extended.
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8 days ago by gideonite
Deep learning is only as good as its data | VentureBeat
A key issue for machine learning algorithms is selection bias. In sound research, you can define the population, have access to all available population data, and sample a portion of that data. With deep learning, you start with sample data, deploy the model, and then expose it to the real world. But models that work well on training data often perform poorly on real data. Deep learning provides the ability to accurately determine the classification function from inputs to an output. However, there is no guarantee that the model will perform accurately on input data from the population if the training data is not representative.

This data failure is more common when training data isn’t developed by domain experts. While deep learning might eliminate the need to have domain experts in the feature extraction part of the classification process, it still requires expertise in the data extraction process. In fact, deep learning might be overkill when a domain expert can explicitly describe the linear or nonlinear function using logic and rules.
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22 days ago by paulbradshaw
Cognitive Science: What Is It and Why Is It Important?
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24 days ago by JINHONG

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