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AndrewIngram/django-extra-views: Django's class-based generic views are awesome, let's have more of them.
django-extra-views - Django's class-based generic views are awesome, let's have more of them.
django  views 
23 hours ago by andreipak
Writing your first Django app, part 5 | Django documentation | Django
Introducing automated testing¶

What are automated tests?¶

Tests are simple routines that check the operation of your code.
testing  django 
2 days ago by Jswindle
Creating websites using React and Django REST Framework
Use React user interface JavaScript library in Django application
django  react  interface 
3 days ago by mike_bader
A Complete Beginner's Guide to Django - Part 7
Includes a guide to deploying to DigitalOcean .
hosting  django 
3 days ago by shearichard
Implementing faceted search with Django and PostgreSQL
nice resource on a Postgresql focused approach to implementing faceted search in Django.
python  django  tutorial  search 
4 days ago by mootPoint

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