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Django migrations without downtimes · Ludwig Hähne
Details of Django migrations and how they interact with table locks. Strategies for splitting migrations into several deploys to minimize downtime due to lock contention.
Django  DataModeling  devops  Design  migrations 
16 hours ago by cnk
amitu/importd: django based mini framework inspired from sinatra. fully compatible with django.
importd - django based mini framework inspired from sinatra. fully compatible with django.
webdev  framework  django  flask 
21 hours ago by kosqx
Django-River : Workflow library
River is a open source workflow system for Django which support on the fly changes on every item in workflow instead of hardcoding states and transitions.

Main goal of developing this framework is to be able to edit any workflow item on the fly. This means, all elements in workflow like states, transitions, user authorizations(permission), group authorization are editable. To do this, all data about the workflow item is persisted into DB. Hence, they can be changed without touching the code and re-deploying your application.
yesterday by shearichard

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