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GitHub - Miserlou/django-zappa: Serverless Django on AWS Lambda and API Gateway
django-zappa makes it super easy to deploy Django applications on AWS Lambda + API Gateway. Think of it as "serverless" web hosting for your Django apps.
python  django  aws  lambda 
yesterday by jazwiecki
Django queryset exclude() with multiple related field clauses - Stack Overflow
This is a still-present bug in Django - - exclude() is not acting as the reverse of filter and contrary to the documentation.

What you've done is probably the way to go.
2 days ago by hbakkalbasi
Writing Unit Tests for Django Migrations | Caktus Group
our tests are running the latest version of the schema and are unable to verify the behavior of those very migrations because the tests cannot set up data before the migrations run or assert conditions about them.

We can teach our tests to run against those migrations with just a bit of work. This is especially helpful for migrations that are going to include significant alterations to existing data.
django  testing  database  migration 
3 days ago by nyergler

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