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Django: Apache DocumentRoot does not exist - Stack Overflow
WSGIPythonPath /var/www/yoursite
<VirtualHost *:80>

Alias /static/ /var/www/yoursite/yourdjangoproject/static/
# Alias /sitemap.xml /var/www/yoursite/yourdjangoproject/static/sitemap
apache  config  django  python 
23 hours ago by hammerheadlemon
Django Girls - start your journey with programming
We want to inspire women to fall in love with programming.
We organize free Python and Django workshops, create open sourced online tutorials and care about curating amazing first experiences with technology.
inspiration  women  programming  python  django  tutorial 
2 days ago by gdw
Three quick tips from two years with Celery — LaunchKit Library — Medium
# Add a one-minute timeout to all Celery tasks.
celery  python  django  tips 
3 days ago by tclancy

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