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Unit Testing in Django REST Framework : django
Reddit asks how to do DRF testing intelligently
15 hours ago by istemi
Django security releases issued: 1.9.10 and 1.8.15 | Weblog | Django
RT : If your site uses version 1.9 or earlier and Google Analytics, upgrade pronto. New releases:
django  security  from twitter
yesterday by brainwane
Streamfield demo in Wagtail 1.0 - YouTube
Really good video demonstrating why Wagtail's stream field is great for content producers.
wagtail  Django  CMS  Video  examplesites 
4 days ago by cnk
Wagtail : How to make your own content type models (part 1) — Makina Corpus
A blog featuring a number of posts about Django - and using Wagtail CMS
CMS  Django  Wagtail 
4 days ago by cnk

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