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kstateome/django-cas: K-State's maintained version of django-cas
django cas client? seems underdocumented, but maintained
django  sso  security  cas 
15 hours ago by dumas
Django Django – Life’s A Beach (Official Video) | Best Images Collections HD For Gadget windows Mac Android
Django Django – Life’s a Beach front (Official Online video) Get Django Django’s new album: Stream Born underneath Saturn below : Django Django – Life’s a Beach front (Official Online video) Directed by Isaac Eastgate Life’s a Beach front – Taken from the Mercury Nominated Debut Album from Django Django. Accessible on iTunes: […]
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2 days ago by wotek
jmcclell/django-bootstrap-pagination: Django template tag for rendering Page objects as Bootstrap pagination HTML
django-bootstrap-pagination - Django template tag for rendering Page objects as Bootstrap pagination HTML
3 days ago by john.sheets
APIStar - Python API from the guy who writes DRF
Why should you consider using API Star for your next Web API project?

API documentation - Interactive API documentation, that's guaranteed to always be in sync with your codebase.
Client libraries - JavaScript and Python client libraries, driven by the typesystems that API Star generates.
Schema generation - Support for generating Swagger or RAML API typesystems.
Expressive - Type annotated views, that make for expressive, testable code.
Performance - Dynamic behaviour for determining how to run each view makes API Star incredibly efficient.
Throughput - Support for asyncio to allow for building high-throughput non-blocking applications.
python  api  restful  django 
4 days ago by shearichard

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