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Until Next Year DjangoCon!
All the feels.

> The Django community is unlike any other tech community. It’s a judgement free zone, as I type this I know there are people in sprints committing their first bit of code with the help of Django veterans, and everyone genuinely enjoys each other’s company. The foundation of the Code of Conduct started way before I became involved (I’ve only been involved for 6 monthish) and has flourished into creating an environment and conference where people feel safe and that’s a huge accomplishment!
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6 hours ago by jefftriplett
Thorn is a webhook framework for Python, focusing on flexibility and ease of use
Thorn is a webhook framework for Python, focusing on flexibility and ease of use
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yesterday by aaronbassett
Django Page Load Speeds
Django and Python tips and tricks on how to improve website page load times by optimizing images.
django  python 
2 days ago by chris.leaman

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