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A Django app to download, extract and load campaign finance and lobbying activity data from the California Secretary of State's CAL-ACCESS database
python  django  california  election  campaign  finance  download  application  database  repository 
yesterday by tma
django-cassandra-engine 0.1.6 : Python Package Index
django-cassandra-engine is a database wrapper for Django Framework. It uses latest Cqlengine which is currently the best Cassandra CQL 3 Object Mapper for Python.
cassandra  django  orm  opensource  nosql 
yesterday by keimlink
django-wpadmin 1.7.0 : Python Package Index
WordPress look and feel
New styles for selector, calendar and timepicker widgets
More responsive (admin panel should look fine and be usable on displays with minimum 360px width)
Editable top menu
Optional fully configurable left menu
Left menu can be pinned (fixed CSS position) or unpinned and collapsed or expanded
Awesome Font Awesome icons supported in both menus
Multiple AdminSite's support with possibility to have different menus, colors and titles for each one
9 additional colo...
django  admin  ui 
yesterday by andreipak
Django Heroku APScheduler Scrapy
I have got a basic Django web application running on Heroku. I would like to add a spider to crawl some webs (e.g with Scrapy) based on a scheduled task ( e.g. via APScheduler ) to get some tables of
python  scheduling  django  heroku 
2 days ago by alilja
Django/Python email notification for events
I work on a page in Django, where users can set custom reminders for different dates (max. 3 per date). The reminders should send via e-mail. Its similar to Google Calendar, where you can set mult...
python  django  email 
2 days ago by alilja
open sourced project management platform (python/django & angular)
project_management  pm  sprint  kanban  planning  github  python  django  angularjs  angular 
2 days ago by mgan

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