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Let's modernize the way we handle frontend code with Django
The problemDjango is great but it’s frontend toolchain is stuck in the past. Imagine if someone told you to copy all your python module dependencies in your source tree and import them from…
10 hours ago by lukep
django-uuid-upload-path - Generate short UUIDs and use them as paths for uploaded media files in Django.
Django  S3 
yesterday by carlton
django-s3-storage - Django Amazon S3 file storage.
Django  S3 
yesterday by carlton
Resolving circular imports in celery and django
Solution: decouple models from tasks using Django signals.
python  django  circular.imports  import  celery  signals 
yesterday by cvbge
18F — Tocking time
We created a simple Django app to help us track our time. Hoping others can use it! Check out Tock:
Django  from twitter
2 days ago by seanherron

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