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PostgreSQL: Documentation: 9.4: vacuumdb - potentail way to avoid slowness after restore (aws)

Only calculate statistics for use by the optimizer (no vacuum), like --analyze-only. Run several (currently three) stages of analyze with different configuration settings, to produce usable statistics faster.

This option is useful to analyze a database that was newly populated from a restored dump or by pg_upgrade. This option will try to create some statistics as fast as possible, to make the database usable, and then produce full statistics in the subsequent stages.
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16 hours ago by gregory31415
Things You Must Know About Django Admin As Your App Gets Bigger – Medium
The Django admin is a very powerful tool. We use it for day to day operations, browsing data and support. As we grew some of our projects…
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yesterday by garrybodsworth
YPlan/django-perf-rec: Keep detailed records of the performance of your Django code.
django-perf-rec - Keep detailed records of the performance of your Django code.
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yesterday by reorx

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