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Crime figures: Do the police know how much there really is? - BBC News
In recent years the two measures have got closer to each other and the ONS says "increases in police recorded violence as a result of improved recording could continue for some time".
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6 hours ago by paulbradshaw
Here is the probability you will break up with your partner — Quartzy
Methodological note: The Quartz break up calculator ™ is based on data from the How Couples Meet and Stay Together survey, which, starting in 2009, interviewed US couples about their relationships, then brought them back at about one, two, and five years after that to interview them again. (If a member of a couple died, they were excluded from the dataset.) Not all the follow-up interviews took place at exactly one, two, or three years after the first, so those numbers are approximations, and the one-year, two-year, and five-year breakup probabilities were derived from a simple statistical model. 1
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yesterday by paulbradshaw
(Big) Data Journalism with Spark and R | Timo Grossenbacher
So basically, the problem boiled down to preprocessing, filtering and searching through a very, very large data set. Some journalists prefer to cooperate with external experts when it comes to such problems. This is understandable, as many lack the time and knowledge to do it on their own. However, I think that tackling such problems wholly inside newsrooms has one tremendous benefit: You completely control what is done with the data, and you know exactly what can be interpreted into it – and what not.
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5 days ago by paulbradshaw
Inside 100 million police traffic stops: New evidence of racial bias
Now, Stanford University researchers have compiled the most comprehensive evidence to date suggesting there is a pattern of racial disparities in traffic stops. The researchers provided NBC News with the traffic-stop data — the largest such dataset ever collected — which points to pervasive inequality in how police decide to stop and search white and minority drivers.
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5 days ago by paulbradshaw
NHS data shows rise in homeless patients returning to streets | Society | The Guardian
Official NHS England guidance aimed at freeing up beds was clarified in November to allow hospitals to discharge homeless patients to the streets if they are not judged to be a priority for housing or further care, despite widespread concern over the growing number of homeless deaths.
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6 days ago by paulbradshaw
Alex Entwistle
Alex Entwistle is an Assistant Editor at the BBC and leads the Digital Pilots team on 5 live News, telling the stories of younger women in Northern England.

After starting in commercial radio, he has spent over a decade working across the BBC in many guises: social media, online, audio and video production, directing and editor – from Radio Lancashire to the World Service, Radio 4 and currently 5 live.

An analytics addict and numbers junkie, he is dedicated to improving content based on user behaviour.
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7 days ago by paulbradshaw
RA: The art of DJing: Teki Latex
Great interview with Teki Latex, whose mixtapes are always a ton of _fun_. Nice notes on clubs, playing records, and the technique videos are top fun. He thinks really hard about helping people enjoy themselves. Good questions, too.
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8 days ago by infovore

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