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Come Away
It's Christmas. Bobby's dead. Except maybe not, because he's right here talking to Dean. They're going to have a proper holiday with their makeshift family. Bobby's got a flask of something amazing, like no whisky Dean's ever tasted. Sam said it wasn't Bobby, that Dean shouldn't listen, shouldn't follow, that Sam's going to figure it out and Dean should stay right there, but Sam's got it wrong. Bobby's back, and Dean's going off into the snowy woods with him to cut a Christmas tree.
author:mad_server  genre:gen  season:7  ep:death's_door  abandonment_issues  alcoholism  common_cold  cough  crying!Dean  curse/spell  dizziness/vertigo  drugs:medical  exhaustion  fainting/collapse  fever  flu  grief  hallucinations/delusions  hugs/cuddling  illness:misc./other/uncategorized  nausea/vomiting  sneezing  supernatural_illness  respiratory_illness/distress 
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Through My Eyes (the Hell On Earth remix)
After Andy sends Dean the vision in AHBL, it’s Dean who’s the clairvoyant one, not Sam. He gets a foretaste of hell and of what comes after. It doesn’t agree with him.
author:mad_server  genre:gen  rating:PG/PG-13  season:2  season:6  abandonment_issues  PTSD  bed_sharing  curse/spell  dizziness/vertigo  drugs:medical  exhaustion  fainting/collapse  grief  hallucinations/delusions  hell/post-hell_issues  hugs/cuddling  nausea/vomiting  supernatural_powers 
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Heart Sounds & This Road I Travel
Author's notes/summary: Written for spn_epifics ficathon, season 1, episode 12, (Faith) Prompt: Sam taking care of Dean between the time he left the hospital and the time he was healed. 2950 words/about 27 minutes, 25 mb. PG-13, gen.
author:chemm80  rating:PG/PG-13  genre:gen  dizziness/vertigo  ep:faith  fainting/collapse  hospitalization 
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abandonment_issues  addiction  alcoholism  amnesia/memory_loss  anxiety/panic_attack  asphyxia:strangulation/choking/etc.  author:autumn_lilacs  author:chemm80  author:evitably  author:kettle_o_fish  author:mad_server  author:nwspaprtaxis  author:soncnica  author:tolakasa  bed_sharing  broken_bone/fracture  bronchitis  captivity  carried!dean  chronic_pain  common_cold  concussion/head_trauma  cough  crying!dean  curse/spell  cuts/lacerations  deafness/hearing_loss  dean's_deal/making_deals_with_demons  dean_wearing_sam's_hoodie!  depression  disability  drug_reaction/interaction  drugged  drugs:medical  emotional_pain/hurt  ep:all_hell_breaks_loose  ep:born_under_a_bad_sign  ep:death's_door  ep:faith  ep:on_the_head_of_a_pin  ep:swan_song  exhaustion  fainting/collapse  fever  flu  genre(other):au/ar  genre(other):dark/horror  genre(other):domestic/curtain!fic  genre(other):mystery  genre:gen  genre:het  genre:slash  grief  hallucinations/delusions  has:author  has:drugs  has:ep  has:genre  has:rating  has:season  headache/migraine  hell/post-hell_issues  hospitalization  hugs/cuddling  hungover  illness:misc./other/uncategorized  injury:misc./other/uncategorized  insecurities:misc./other/uncategorized)  intoxication/altered_state  isolation  meniere's  mental_breakdown  missing:kidnapping/abduction/etc.  mobility_issues  nausea/vomiting  pain  pairing:dean/alastair  pairing:dean/lisa  pairing:dean/ofc  paralysis  permanent_injury  phobias/fears  pneumonia  pretty!dean  psychological_damage/broken!dean  psychological_trauma  ptsd  rating:pg/pg-13  rating:r  readby:chemm80  respiratory_illness/distress  scars  season:1  season:2  season:3  season:4  season:5  season:6  season:7  secrets:somebody-finds-out  self-esteem_issues  sensory_deprivation  setting:pre-series  sneezing  stress  substance_abuse:alcohol  supernatural_illness  supernatural_powers  torture  type:audiofic  unconsciousness  undiagnosed/mysterious_illness 

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