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So you know how we're doing a hands-on MinION DNA sequencing workshop series in Berlin this summe…
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9 days ago by mozillascience
Shojin Meat
Open-source clean meat

Regenerative medicine
to space farming
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5 weeks ago by derishus
our-sci / reflectance-spec-PCB · GitLab
Reflectance based spectrometer using 9 wavelengths and pulse modulation to avoid light contamination. Initial commit is a fork from the MultispeQ device developed in the PhotosynQ project.
6 weeks ago by tamberg
Latest HUMUS.Sapiens topics - Global Hackteria Network
Open Soil: Research on the secret ingredients that make plants happy. Let’s explore what is going on in the ground beneath our feet. Let’s dig deeper together.
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8 weeks ago by tamberg
DIY biology
DIY biology
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february 2018 by sky

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