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Wiring Best Practices - Modem Feed AT&T U-Verse FAQ | DSLReports, ISP Information
As of ~2015, the Blue Pair (or Blue+Orange for bonded) has become the standard (for signal from NID to ATTbox/RG/modem).
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19 hours ago by cradock
Solved: Messed up my self-installed wiring, now nothing wi... - AT&T Community
Covers pairs used for connecting from source jack to DSL ATTbox (typically blue-white/blue)
network  wire  phone  diy  howto 
21 hours ago by cradock
Uverse on Multiple Phone Jacks - AT&T Community
Seems similar to my idea: run DSL from phone jack into ATTbox on one pair as installed, then either
(a) run phone signal out of ATTbox back to same phone jack on different pair, or
(b) use L1-L2 splitter to send phone signal from ATTbox to jack's other pair;
THEN (my idea) deal with other (non-standard color) pair in basement by connecting it to standard color pair then running that std-color pair to other phone jacks.
network  phone  wire  diy  howto 
22 hours ago by cradock
How to build a string synth | DIY Synthesizer
no DAC necessary! almost no additional electronics too
synthesizers  Arduino  diy  electronics 
yesterday by joem

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