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scope103C8T6 — Yandex.Disk
diy VGA Oscilloscope with a STM32F103
STM32  diy  electronics 
52 minutes ago by joem
Turn Cheap Kosher Salt Into Fancy, Flaky Salt Crystals | Sous Vide Recipe | ChefSteps
How to make your own fancy, expensive, flaky, salt crystals at home for pennies on the dollar.
salt  diy 
1 hour ago by ourkitchenkindle
Turn Off Headlights When Ignition Off: 9 Steps (with Pictures)
Turn Off Headlights When Ignition Off: I bought my oldest son a used 2007 Mazda 3 last week. It is in great condition and he loves it. The problem is that since it is an older base model it doesn't have any extra bells or whistles like automatic headlights. He was driving a Toyota Coro...
corolla  lights  diy  hacks 
3 hours ago by madscene
(116) Installing my Digital Dash DIY RaspberryPi - Episode 44 - Time Attack Miata TURBO Build - YouTube
Installing my Digital Dash DIY RaspberryPi - Episode 44 - Time Attack Miata TURBO Build
Installing  my  Digital  Dash  DIY  RaspberryPi  din  Time  Attack  Miata  TURBO  Build 
8 hours ago by kilroy2
jkriss/altcloud: A web server with extra powers. Run your own stuff.
Altcloud is a web server with some niceties build in so that you can create real applications without any backend code or external services.

The idea is to set up an altcloud server on something like a Digital Ocean instance or a C.H.I.P. and run multiple sites off of that single server.

Altcloud is powered by simple configuration files and uses the local filesystem for storage. It doesn't scale, and that's just fine.

This implementation of the altcloud server is written in node.js, but the specification is platform and language agnostic.
cloud  diy  node  web  server  static  via:awhite 
15 hours ago by tribbles
jasonrudolph/keyboard: ⌨ Toward a more useful keyboard
⌨ Toward a more useful keyboard. Contribute to jasonrudolph/keyboard development by creating an account on GitHub.
customization  keyboard  ergonomics  diy  osx  hyper_mode 
17 hours ago by jbkcc
Paper Forge
Paper Minis & Props
19 hours ago by groenewege
Free Paper Miniature Archive
19 hours ago by groenewege

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