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A devastating analysis of the tax cut shows it’s done virtually no economic good - Los Angeles Times
The Congressional Research Service says claims that the tax cut would turbocharge the economy were a scam.
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Richard Branson's Virgin Group has made £300m from rail franchises | Business | The Guardian
Analysis by the Guardian indicates that Virgin Rail Group Holdings, the joint venture company, will have collected at least £600m since its launch in 1997, a figure that drew criticism from Labour.
The final total is likely to be higher once this year’s dividend is declared when the company’s next set of annual accounts is published in October next year.
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Is it possible to live off of dividends?
Yes it is. I'm not sure if it's for you but...

...It is possible to build an investment portfolio of dividend stocks which produces enough income to cover your living expenses, forever.

This is how it works:

You invest the cash you have available into stocks which pay a dividend.
Each month, you invest part of your paycheck into more dividend paying stocks.
When your stocks pay you dividends, you use the proceeds to buy more dividend stocks.
If you pick dividend stocks right (don't worry about this for now), they will increase their dividends every year.
Rince and repeat until the dividends you receive are large enough to cover your living expenses.
Your dividend income will grow at an impressive rate. Here's why:

Every month, when you invest part of your paycheck, you will automatically increase how much dividends you receive in upcoming months. Since you reinvest all your dividends to buy more dividend stocks, your dividend payments grow even more. This compounds over time. The cherry on the cake comes when your stocks increase their dividends.
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