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Beyond Sushiology: Does Diversity Work? | Brookings Institution
If your friends and colleagues are like mine, they tend to orient their domestic travel plans around cherished ethnic restaurants. So do I. But many carry their enthusiasm a step further, seeing the extraordinary variety and quality of ethnic cuisine now available in the United States as evidence of the unalloyed benefits flowing from our racial and ethnic diversity. I call this syndrome “sushiology.”
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How to Triple the Number of Women Appointed to Boards in Three Years — @Redfin
Women will still be a minority in most board rooms, but it’s worth noting that the presence of just one different perspective affects a group’s decision-making. This effect, known as a “panel effect,”  is well-established in the U.S. appellate courts, where decisions are collegial as in board meetings, but also public. Scholars for years have studied three-judge panels as a laboratory for understanding consensus-building and decision-making, to understand why a single judge from the opposite party has so much influence over the majority decision favored by the other two.

The original premise was that this accommodation of counter-arguments was “strategic,” made only to avoid a Supreme Court reversal, but it turns out that even when there’s no risk of appeal, the influence of the member in the minority is strong: what matters is just hearing another point of view. This phenomenon is most pronounced in gender discrimination cases where a woman participates. Even when she could easily be outvoted by men, she isn’t. The same men just come to different conclusions than they had in previous similar cases…

The absence of diversity is often imagined as malice, and many times correctly so, but it’s also what happens while a person in power is busy making other plans. If you don’t pay attention to diversity, you’ll end up hiring people who are nearest at hand, who have had similar jobs for decades before. This is how society replicates itself from generation to generation, in a process that seems completely innocuous to those who aren’t the ones shut out.
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This Oakland high school robotics club should be the future of a more diverse tech industry - Recode
At Oakland Tech, around 20 high schoolers have been building robots for the Vex tournament and for the FIRST competition, where thousands of students go head to head to see which team can build the most capable machine.

The robots are supposed to be able to do random, albeit challenging, tasks. In this year’s Vex event, which took place in January in Mountain View, Calif., at the Google Campus, the Oakland club was tasked with making a robot that can pick up small star-shaped figurines and throw them over a fence. For the local FIRST competition, which was held in San Francisco in March, the team had to build and program a robot that could pick up a cog and hang it on a peg.
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How diversity branding hurts diversity
This belief that the existence of diversity initiatives equals equality is just one way that such efforts can backfire.
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Women Who Design
"a Twitter profile directory of inspiring women in the design industry."
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