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Why Does Ethnic Diversity Undermine Public Goods Provision?
We identify three families of mechanisms that link diversity to public goods provision—–what we term “preferences,” “technology,” and “strategy selection” mechanisms—–and run a series of experimental games that permit us to compare the explanatory power of distinct mechanisms within each of these three families. Results from games conducted with a random sample of 300 subjects from a slum neighborhood of Kampala, Uganda, suggest that successful public goods provision in homogenous ethnic communities can be attributed to a strategy selection mechanism: in similar settings, co-ethnics play cooperative equilibria, whereas non-co-ethnics do not. In addition, we find evidence for a technology mechanism: co-ethnics are more closely linked on social networks and thus plausibly better able to support cooperation through the threat of social sanction. We find no evidence for prominent preference mechanisms that emphasize the commonality of tastes within ethnic groups or a greater degree of altruism toward co-ethnics, and only weak evidence for technology mechanisms that focus on the impact of shared ethnicity on the productivity of teams.

does it generalize to first world?
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"[I]f you...focus on inclusion and diversity, you don’t truly understand: assimilation ≠ liberation."
"When we talk about diversity and inclusion, we necessarily position marginalized groups as naturally needing to assimilate into dominant ones, rather than to undermine said structures of domination. Yes, we need jobs; we need education; we need to access various resources. What we don’t need is to relegate ourselves to the position of depending on someone else to offer us inclusion and access to those resources."
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RT : This is why I don't identify as a skeptic....& may explain why US skeptics fail to achieve at their conf…
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Inclusive Astronomy: The Nashville Recommendations | AAS Groups Wiki
The following recommendations emerged as some of the first steps towards our shared goals, through the synthesis of prior work1,2,3,4. Women of color in astronomy and astrophysics. Seeking Solutions: Maximizing American Talent by Advancing Women of Color in Academia, National Academies Press, Washington D.C. , input from community members, consultation with expert practitioners, and discussions and workshops during the conference itself. All guidelines and recommendations in this document should be interpreted in a way that benefits historically underrepresented groups.
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As Uber Grew Hastily, Diversity Took a Backseat - Bloomberg
Uber’s demographic composition has been a topic of interest for people outside the recruiting department, too. Various female software engineers have requested such data for years and were told the human resources department didn’t track it. Some of them began calculating it on their own in an attempt to determine which managers seemed friendliest to women, said a former employee.

Beyond the lack of data, the company’s recruitment efforts struggled from a dearth of focus, funding and leadership. At least a half-dozen Uber recruiters involved in diversity initiatives have left in the past 18 months. Several of those people said diversity took a backseat to the company’s needs to hire quickly.
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