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CSS border styles - JSFiddle
https://jsfiddle.net/peterjmag/uexma4o6/ ;;;
tags: CSS border styles - JSFiddle || sampleCode style color colors ;;;
CSS  border  styles  -  JSFiddle  ||  sampleCode  style  color  colors  div 
4 days ago by neerajsinghvns
Choose to reuse - The Martha's Vineyard Times
Plastic Free MV held a public discussion at the West Tisbury library Thursday to educate Islanders about the dangers of plastic in the environment, and to push for the ban of single-use plastic bottles on Martha’s Vineyard.
div  plpa 
11 days ago by bullfrogfilms
How Plastic Is a Function of Colonialism - Teen Vogue
Plastic Planet is a series on the global plastics crisis that evaluates the environmental and human costs and considers possible solutions to this devastating man-made problem. In this op-ed, Dr. Max Liboiron, an assistant professor at Memorial University and fellow at Science for the People, explains how the global plastic pollution crisis is directly tied to colonialism.
plpa  div  atp 
29 days ago by bullfrogfilms
We Live In A World Full Of Plastic, And People Are Sick Of It. | HuffPost
Movements to eliminate single-use plastics are sweeping the globe.
div  plpa  atp  environment 
4 weeks ago by bullfrogfilms
8 Things That Moved the Circular Economy Forward in 2018
From government collaborations to massive corporate commitments, we moved closer to realizing a circular economy in 2018. Let’s take a look back as we rally for the year ahead.
rtz  economy  plpa  div  true 
5 weeks ago by bullfrogfilms
html - Align DIV to bottom of the page - Stack Overflow
css  div  align 
6 weeks ago by ashishgup
Jellyfish offer a sticky solution to the problem of plastic pollution | New Scientist
Our oceans are full of microplastics and unnatural swarms of jellyfish. Could these beautiful animals possess a secret weapon to help clean up the environment?
atp  plpa  div  environment 
8 weeks ago by bullfrogfilms
Scallops Absorb Billions of Microplastics in Just 6 Hours
One of the biggest concerns surrounding the proliferation of microplastics in the world's oceans is how they might move up the food web from smaller to larger marine life, eventually ending up in our stomachs. Now, a first-of-its-kind study has shown just how quickly the tiny particles can accumulate in the bodies of shellfish under current levels of marine plastic pollution. The answer? Billions in just six hours.
plpa  foodwater  div  environment 
9 weeks ago by bullfrogfilms
Zero Waste Store - Plastic-Free Shopping
BYO is far from the first packaging-free store in the UK, but it is part of a slew of similar stores that are opening around the country as the modern consumer fights back against the plastic scourge.
rtz  plpa  div  environment 
10 weeks ago by bullfrogfilms
VIN | Numéro Identification Véhicule
Obtenez l'identification parfaite d'une voiture en 1 clic incluant version et options grâce au VIN d'Autovistacomplètes pour l'identification de véhicules avec IDD – Données de prix et spécifications d'Autovista.
div  vin  voiture  numero  CrashStickers 
10 weeks ago by theafter
Recycling: As China shuts its gates to our plastics and paper, how can NZ stem the tide? - The Listener
Unless we get serious about recycling, there’ll be a tonne of plastic for every three tonnes of fish in the ocean by 2025 and more plastic than fish, by weight, by 2050.
plpa  atp  rtz  div 
12 weeks ago by bullfrogfilms
HTML div tag
https://www.w3schools.com/tags/tag_div.asp ;;;
tags: w3schools HTML div tag HowTo add style inside div tag tags ;;;
w3schools  HTML  div  tag  HowTo  add  style  inside  tags  background-color  background  color 
november 2018 by neerajsinghvns
Plans to Turn America’s Rust Belt Into a New Plastics Belt Are Bad News for the Climate • The Revelator
An expanding petrochemical industry, thanks to fracked shale gas, could have big consequences for a warming planet.
plpa  atp  div  environment  energy  gsr  tripd 
november 2018 by bullfrogfilms

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