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Look Up Your Districts
going to this page gives you the information about all of your governmental representatives, based on the address you enter
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january 2019 by GreggInCA
Gerrymandering job
Princeton hiring someone to collect data for OpenPrecincts, a project to let citizens participate in redistricting
tootme  politics  gerrymandering  districts  redistricting  openprecincts 
november 2018 by nelson
"I-Cut-You-Choose" Cake-Cutting Protocol Inspires Solution to Gerrymandering
Very clever. Assume 10 districts to be created. A Dem planner draws 10 districts. Then a Repub chooses one to keep, and redraws the nine remaining. Of the nine remaining, a Dem picks one to keep and redraws the others. Lather, rinse, repeat...
politics  gerrymander  districts  fair  choice 
july 2018 by brentfarwick

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