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Low carbon infrastructure investment: extending business models for sustainability | SpringerLink
two case studies on the development of smart grids for clectricity distribution and local heat delivery networks in the UK. District Heat networks can facilitate the efficient supply of low carbon heat.
low  carbon  low-carbon  infrastructure  investment  Sustainable  sustainability  case  study  studies  District  Heat  networks 
9 weeks ago by MattCousinss
Numerical investigation of the convection heat transfer driven by airflows in underground tunnels - ScienceDirect
Using subway tunnels as the heat source in a ground source heat pump setup for district heating maybe. I suppose that's one solution to the London Underground overheating problem...
heating  cooling  HVAC  subway  tunnel  ground  source  heat  pump  district 
june 2019 by asteroza
book: army and reconstrution (PDF)
by mark . bradley

Center of Military History
United States Army
Washington, D.C., 2015
military  rule  sickles  reconstruction  2nd  second  district  carolina 
april 2019 by bikesandbooks
Union General Daniel Sickles is born - HISTORY
Sickles lost his leg during the battle, and he never regained another command. After the war, he was military governor of the Carolinas and served as U.S. minister to Spain. His time in Madrid was also marked by scandal—rumors spread of an affair between Sickles and Queen Isabella II. After his return to the U.S. in 1874, Sickles spent much of his life defending his actions at Gettysburg and shaping the accounts of the Civil War. He died in 1914 at the age of 94.Sickles is buried in Arlington National Cemetery, but the leg he lost at Gettysburg is on display at the Armed Forces Medical Museum in Washington, D.C.
military  rule  sickles  reconstruction  2nd  second  district  carolina  leg  queen  isabella  spain 
april 2019 by bikesandbooks
Dan Sickles As Commander of the 2nd Military District During Reconstruction SC NC | American Civil War Forums
states were divided into military posts
Political Science Quarterly Vol. 12 No. 3 (Sep. 1897) pp. 381-406 (26 pages)

What where the NC posts -- _Reconstruction in South Carolina_ by John Reynolds
military  rule  sickles  reconstruction  2nd  second  district  carolinas 
april 2019 by bikesandbooks
River Arts District | Galleries, Tours & Events | Asheville
Visit the working studios and galleries of hundreds of artists–painting, pottery, jewelry, glass, metal, wood and much more. Open every day.
asheville  nc  tourism  arts  district  river 
march 2019 by rsewan

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