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Generating Random Segments from Non-Uniform Distributions
Generating random segments as opposed to points in a non-uniform distribution.
RNG  Distribution 
3 days ago by MemoryStomp
LWN Distributions List
The LWN.net Linux Distribution List
linux  distros  distribution 
4 days ago by MattJhsn
Two Sides For Salvation - Code as Craft
How do you make changes to your database’s structure that’s getting hammered 24×7 without any disruption? If you use Oracle and paid millions for it, it’s built in. If you use Mysql, it’s one of the holy grails of database operations, and one we’ve learned to do here at Etsy.

We have a sharded architecture, which means data is scattered across several “shards”. Each shard has different data than all others. Each shard is a master-master pair. MM pairs are masters and slaves at the same time. They not only give you fault tolerance, they divide the read and write load between them that’s impossible to do in the common master-slave(s) setup.
database  distribution 
13 days ago by dagh

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