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“I Shared the News Today, oh Boy”: News provision and interaction on Facebook: Journalism Studies: Vol 19, No 1
Swedish newspapers have hosted Web pages since the mid-1990s, and are often pointed to as some of the most popular online locations in the Swedish-speaking online sphere. These organizations have also taken to social media, maintaining presences on platforms like Twitter and Facebook. The current study is focused on the latter of the two. It features a twofold aim, detailing the types of content provided by the four largest Swedish newspapers on their Facebook pages, and the types and levels of interaction this content is met with by their page visitors. For tabloid newspapers in particular, the types of news most provided (human interest-type stories) are not matched by the types of news most interacted with by the audience members. Possible reasons for and implications of this apparent imbalance are discussed.
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3 hours ago by paulbradshaw
XARs: An efficient system for self-contained executables – Facebook Code
XARs are single, highly compressed files containing all necessary executable dependencies. They execute with the same speed as natively installed applications and are designed to be the fastest way to distribute and execute large Python applications while maintaining maximum compatibility with the existing open source Python ecosystem. XARs can be run from anywhere on the filesystem, and they remove the need for virtual environments as well as worries about modules installed as part of the operating system. Executables simply work, and dependencies are isolated from the machine the system is running on. This creates a performant, hermetically compressed executable for Python packages. In sum, XARs are designed to serve a wide variety of use cases and to perform faster than all other self-contained executable distribution approaches.
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13 hours ago by euler
Minimal Ubuntu, on public clouds and Docker Hub | Ubuntu blog
Today we are delighted to introduce the new Minimal Ubuntu, optimized for automated use at scale, with a tiny package set and minimal security cross-section. Speed, performance and stability are primary concerns for cloud developers and ops.
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7 days ago by sschank

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