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p̸h̴o̸⁴c̵e̴ₓa̵: "- you visit a page - it has a typo - you edit the…" - Tiny Tilde Website
- you visit a page
- it has a typo
- you edit the page to fix the typo
- but you don't have a login or permission or anything
- so your computer forks the page and hosts it from your own namespace
- the author can easily merge in your change later if they like it, like a pull request
- or not, and visitors can select the version they prefer

this is the kind of daydream Cunningham's Smallest Federated Wiki inspired for me http://wardcunningham.github.io/
even though i find its ui inscrutable
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yesterday by mechazoidal
Riak Core Tutorial — Riak Core Tutorial 1.0 documentation
Welcome to the Riak Core Tutorial, a shorter, updated version of The Riak Core Book focused more on the implementation details, for more explanation check The Riak Core Book.

This book shows how to build an application using riak_core by building an actual application called tanodb step by step and linking to each change on its the description.
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2 days ago by cothrun

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