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Dramatiq: simple task processing — Dramatiq 0.18.0 documentation
Dramatiq is a distributed task processing library for Python with a focus on simplicity, reliability and performance.
python  task  distributed 
17 hours ago by griddell
Fauna | Adaptive operational database from the team that scaled Twitter.
FaunaDB is the first adaptive operational database—built from the ground up to scale digital business without compromising productivity or agility.
distributed  database  ledger 
17 hours ago by griddell
Apache NiFi
Apache NiFi supports powerful and scalable directed graphs of data routing, transformation, and system mediation logic.
apache  datamining  distributed 
18 hours ago by tguemes
Untitled (https://taskqueues.com/)
Task Queues — A list of task queue libraries and message b...
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2 days ago by hustwj
Designing scalable application with Elixir: from umbrella project to distributed system
In the article, I would share design principles I follow when creating more or less complex Elixir project. We will discuss how to split the project into small maintainable microservices (Elixir applications) and how to organize modules inside them using “contexts”. But the main focus will be on designing of flexible interfaces between Elixir applications. You will see how they may be changed while scaling from simple umbrella project to distributed system. I’ll cover a few approaches: Erlang Remote procedure call, Distributed tasks, and HTTP protocol. And, as a bonus, I’ll show how one can limit concurrent access to microservices.
architecture  distributed  elixir  erlang  otp 
3 days ago by dlkinney

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