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pilosa/pilosa: Pilosa is an open source, distributed bitmap index that dramatically accelerates queries across multiple, massive data sets.
GitHub is where people build software. More than 28 million people use GitHub to discover, fork, and contribute to over 85 million projects.
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july 2018 by sbellef
CanonicalLtd/dqlite: Distributed SQLite for Go applications
This repository provides the dqlite Go package, which can be used to replicate a SQLite database across a cluster, using the Raft algorithm.

Design higlights

No external processes needed: dqlite is just a Go library, you link it it to your application exactly like you would with SQLite.
Replication needs a SQLite patch which is not yet included upstream.
The Go Raft package from Hashicorp is used internally for replicating the write-ahead log frames of SQLite across all nodes.
How does it compare to rqlite?

The main differences from rqlite are:

Full support for transactions
No need for statements to be deterministic (e.g. you can use time())
Frame-based replication instead of statement-based replication, this means in dqlite there's more data flowing between nodes, so expect lower performance. Should not really matter for most use cases.
database  sqlite  golang  programming  distributed-system 
april 2018 by newtonapple
Dat Project - Welcome!
Dat is the nonprofit-backed technology & community for building apps of the future.
distributed-system  protocol 
february 2018 by objectx
Spotinst: Your EC2 for 80% Less - The ultimate platform for running and managing Elastic Compute Cloud
Our cloud-cost management platform helps public cloud providers' customers reduce spend anywhere from 80% while ensuring high availability and performance.
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january 2018 by objectx

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