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<Now Go Bang!> Raster CRT Typography (According to DEC)
A closer look at the glyphs drawn by the DEC terminals VT100 and VT220.
hardware  fonts  typography  design  computer  CRT  light  distortion  terminal 
17 days ago by vloux
Building Less Flawed Metrics
Metrics are useful for measuring systems and motivating behaviors. Unfortunately, naive application of metrics to a system can distort the system in ways that undermine the original goal. The problem was noted independently by Campbell[Cam79] and Goodhart[Goo75], and in some forms it is not only common, but unavoidable due to the nature of metrics[MG18]. There are two distinct but interrelated problems that must be overcome in building better metrics; first, specifying metrics more closely related to the true goals, and second, preventing the recipients from gaming the difference between the reward system and the true goal. This paper describes several approaches to designing metrics, beginning with design considerations and processes, then discussing specific strategies including secrecy, randomization, diversification, and post-hoc specification. Finally, it will discuss important desiderata and the trade-offs involved in each approach.
metrics  measurement  motivation  distortion  gaming 
26 days ago by drmeme
(1) Logic Pro X Digital Distortion Issue SOLVED - YouTube
Go to preferences (?) > Multithreading > change "Playback & Live Tracks" to just "Playback Tracks"
logic  distortion  recording  mix  volume  clipping  gain 
december 2018 by jaltcoh
Demo: JHS Muffuletta Fuzz - YouTube
Very useful demo!

starts with wah-heavy grunge solo

after 3:00 - light gain Hendrix "Little Wing"-esque solo

4:55 - heavy distortion, soloing with delay pedal

around 6:00 - "synth"-like or "hip-hop" tone: no delay, high sustain, max tone, "triangle" mode

around 7:30 - Smashing Pumpkins "Zero" w/ low delay, high dist and tone, π mode

8:20 - "gritty blues" setting (this is a famous indie rock song - ask Ak what it is???)

9:30 - first mode with "atmospheric" delay + wah pedal (he uses this for Queen "Bohemian Rhapsody" solo at 10:25)
jhs  muffuletta  distortion  fuzz  pedal  video 
october 2018 by jaltcoh
JHS WEEK - Pollinator Fuzz v2 - YouTube
Try to exactly copy what he's doing! Great Stevie Ray playing after 4:30 (turn up volume, turn down the gain + fuzz).
JHS  pollinator  fuzz  distortion  video  pedal 
october 2018 by jaltcoh
FisheyeGl Demo
Lens distortion removal — interactive visualizer
camera  lens  images  distortion  warp 
august 2018 by cwr

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