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RT : Anyone have suggestions for writing your when everyday is just an endless stream of headlines that re…
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Literary mystery novels by Lynn Shepherd
The Pierced Heart by Lynn Shepherd: A dark and chilling Gothic crime story, set in Victorian England, and inspired by Bram Stoker's classic.

"Captures some of the best passages and elements of Dracula, while at the same time creating a thrilling and absorbing crime novel”, The Dracula Society.
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5 weeks ago by cpalo
M. MILKS / the blog | Author of Kill Marguerite & Other Stories &c
My own contribution to the conversation on bulimic writing is forthcoming in a scholarly volume called Reading and Writing Experimental Texts: Critical Innovations edited by Robin Silbergleid and Kristina Quynn. My chapter “Blah Blah Bleh: Bulimic Writing as Resistance” thinks through Bellamy’s and Zambreno’s theorizations from a feminist disability studies lens while engaging with literary criticism’s historical reliance on pathologizing reading practices. This is an essay that’s gone through many versions: first published in much different, more personal form in Mildred Pierce 5: Comedy and the Grotesque; later funneled through a Society for Disability Studies conference paper; now in happily hybrid semi-academic state.
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MTO Dissertation Index
The Society for Music Theory's index of dissertations in music theory, with abstracts and tables of contents; part of Music Theory Online.
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The Library of The Jewish Theological Seminary Digital Collections: Music Collections
Archives, sound recordings and musical scores: field recordings of Jewish liturgical music from pre-state Israel and Cochin, India; early 20th-century sheet music from Russia and Central Europe; Cantorial School theses.
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From me, with love: the lost art of letter writing | Life and style | The Guardian
It’s been boom time for nostalgia about letter-writing lately. You can always tell that a cultural form is dying when people start making a point of celebrating it. (See also: typewriters, Polaroid photographs, vinyl records.) There have been the excellent Letters Of Note books edited by Shaun Usher, with its accompanying Letters Live stage shows; the Letters In The Mail subscription service run by rumpus.net, where you get a letter from an interesting writer every two weeks; and a whole series of books and articles either celebrating letters, or decrying email, or both.
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march 2018 by cpalo
Chatrooms, Instant Messaging und sogar schon Identitätsschwindel - SXSW-Konferenz: Aus Plato hätte unser Internet werden können - Golem.de
Nein, nicht der Philosoph. Plato war ein Computersystem aus den Sechzigern, damals schon mit Touchscreen, Chats und Onlinegames. Revolutionär, aber leider vergessen. - Chatrooms, Instant Messaging und sogar schon Identitätsschwindel
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march 2018 by leitmedium
Letter-Writing Manuals Were the Self-Help Books of the 18th Century - Atlas Obscura
summary of letter writing manuals, includes a phrase re rhetoric and clothing
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march 2018 by cpalo

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