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I’ve been reframing some of the more unhelpful stories I tell myself about writing, and figured I wou…
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21 days ago by mattpoland
Missing Link: "Polizei 2020" – "Polizei 2030"? | heise online
Vor 50 Jahren kam die EDV zur Polizei. In Folge kochten viele Behörden ihr eigenes Süppchen. Das Programm "Polizei 2020" soll ein einheitliches System schaffen.
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23 days ago by leitmedium
Interpretable Machine Learning
Book I found to help with my dissertation; in particular the partial dependence plots section
8 weeks ago by ebovee
Perhaps my self determination to write needs a crown today... which one? Lol
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9 weeks ago by tolkien
Advice for graduate students having difficulty finishing their dissertations (essay)
Kerry Ann Rockquemore gives advice for getting past the three biggest obstacles to completion.
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10 weeks ago by kbrobeck
Networked Dream Worlds — Real Life
Is 5G solving real, pressing problems or merely creating new ones?
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10 weeks ago by jeffreymoro
Grants and Fellowships – UNC Chapel Hill Libraries
Wilson Library invites applications from advanced graduate students studying the American South for its new Doctoral Fellowship Program. Two types of award are available:

An exploratory one-month Pre-Dissertation Prospectus Fellowship ($2500)
A one- to three-month Dissertation Research Fellowship ($3500 per month)
The application period closes on February 15.
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11 weeks ago by postman

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