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Pionier der polizeilichen Informationsverarbeitung: zum Tode von Horst Herold | heise online
Der ehemalige BKA-Präsident Horst Herold ist im Alter von 95 Jahren gestorben. Er stellte die EDV in den Dienst der Verbrechensbekämpfung.
Dissertation  1960er  1970er  Rasterfahndung 
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Sample chapter! How to write a successful proposal & convert it to a finished /
dissertation  thesis  PhD  research  from twitter_favs
7 days ago by cdrago
Interventions to promote cycling: systematic review | The BMJ
An excellent paper with the following objectives:
To determine what interventions are effective in promoting cycling, the size of the effects of interventions, and evidence of any associated benefits on overall physical activity or anthropometric measures.
dissertation  methodology  promoting  walking  cycling  review 
12 days ago by spencertree
(110) Survey (Yes, Prime Minister S1E2) - YouTube
Instructive illustration about how not to conduct an interview - or how to get a particular answer. Sir Humphrey (a senior civil servant) shows and less experienced colleague how a series of questions leading up to an almost inevitable answer; he then shows how a different series of questions leading up to the final question will probably get the opposite answer.
leading-question  interview  questionnaire  dissertation 
12 days ago by spencertree
The Delphi method | The Psychologist
I It uses a group of participants (known as ‘panellists’) specially selected for their particular expertise on a topic.

I It is often conducted across a series of two or more sequential questionnaires known as ‘rounds’. It employs an initial ‘idea generation’ stage, in which panellists are asked to identify the range of salient issues.

I It collates ideas from Round 1 to construct the survey instrument distributed in subsequent rounds.
I It has an evaluation phase (third or further rounds) where panellists are provided with the panel’s responses and asked to re-evaluate their original responses.

>>It is interested in the formation or exploration of consensus, often defined as the number of panellists agreeing with each other on questionnaire items.
research  discussion  survey  technique  dissertation 
12 days ago by spencertree
Conducting an interview - Skills for OU Study - Open University
Also practical and concise - takes one through to the analysis of the interview record.
dissertation  research  semi-structured  interview  questions 
20 days ago by spencertree
Semi-Structured Interviews | Design Research Techniques
This looks spot-on; very helpful as well as being clear and concise. It even has, at the bottom a set of sample questions and ideas to help probe into the detail, which can be non-verbal or suitable follow-up questions.
research  dissertation  interview  semi-structured  guidance 
20 days ago by spencertree
Ashburn: A Landscape Transformed by Cloud Computing • Data Center Frontier
A data center building boom in Northern Virginia offers early lessons on how the Internet knits itself into the fabric of modern life.
21 days ago by jeffreymoro
Dissertation Outline
This was shared by Carly Lesoski, and it could be helpful for writing out my results, discussion and conclusion
21 days ago by ebovee

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