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Popping the Bubble: Brian Solis enters his Madonna Like a Virgin phase - Brian Solis
Sandra Ponce de Leon of the Popping The Bubble blog recently interviewed Brian Solis for their podcast, where they talked at length about digital disruption, digital addiction, and the steps you can take in your life to combat it.
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2 days ago by briansolis
Is Blockchain relevant for any Business Model?
"The problem we are solving here is at the core of all trade – trust. Blockchain’s key advantage is that the buyer and seller, the other parties or competitors that are involved can trust the validity of the distributed ledger without the need for any intermediary like a bank or broker or lawyer or government being involved. No reputation required. It eliminates the need for the duplication of effort that always happens amongst the parties involved, and reduces the need for those intermediaries. It changes the backbone of business. This is why the banks and financial institutions have been amongst the first to make big investments in to understanding and developing this new technology. Blockchain has the power to significantly disrupt their core business model as the key intermediary and the central overseer of trade. This is why blockchain developer skills are at a premium."
blockchain  digital  disruption  future 
3 days ago by jonerp
A History of Disruption in the Energy Industry – ConsenSys Media
This is the first in a series of posts by Ondiflo, a blockchain-based ticketing solution platform exploring ways to integrate blockchain technology into the oil and gas industry. In this post, we…
energy  blockchain  geopolitics  history  disruption 
3 days ago by orlin
Three Horizons Framework - a quick introduction
Short video describing the 3 Horizons framework. Of particular interest is the latter half where the presenter asks questions that are worth asking and thinking about. See also
3horizons  innovation  disruption  youtube  video 
5 days ago by drmeme
Jay Haynes: Apple's $3 Trillion Valuation
@gassee and @stevesi here is an attempt at an Apple success narrative (from 2014).
Apple  Disruption  FactCheck 
9 days ago by charlesgres
Evolution warning: Are hotel owners in danger of becoming the new taxi drivers? | PhocusWire
Just as the taxi industry responded to new competition by trying to manipulate governments in their favor, hotel chains are ganging up on travel industry innovators such as Airbnb and online travel agencies.
ABI  ESSEC  O'Connor  distribution  disruption 
14 days ago by bartcelona
In a world of , what does it take to lead? by ; We love the simplicity & impact of
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22 days ago by dtomoff
RT : Shorter tenure of S&P 500 corporates
➡️33 yrs in 1964
➡️24 yrs in 2016
➡️12 yrs by 2027
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4 weeks ago by TomRaftery

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