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Keep Calm and Manage Disruption
Just whisper the word “disruption” if you want to scare the life out of many business leaders. But contrary to some claims, disruption can be averted, and many businesses find ways of managing through it.
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6 hours ago by jorgebarba
Airbnb and the Unintended Consequences of Disruption - The Atlantic
Tech analysts are prone to predicting utopia or dystopia. They’re worse at imagining the side effects of a firm's success.
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4 days ago by toastednut
Signs that your disruptive innovation is fading - by @denispombriant
"That’s a particularly nasty problem for social media companies and other tech vendors today as customers are rethinking their use. Ten years ago social media was hailed as a great new thing that could link people around the world and offer new possibilities for business and even world peace. Today not so much."
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8 days ago by jonerp
We Are Truly Fucked: Everyone Is Making AI-Generated Fake Porn Now - Motherboard
Easy to do face-swapping on videos with Machine Learning and a handful of videos from a celebrity or other person.
video  machine_learning  AI  disruption 
22 days ago by KuraFire
(5578) Fettleibigkeit vorprogrammiert - YouTube
see nutritionfacts org - pesticides herbicides fungicides additives PBA etc // umweltgifte // nutritionfacts - also mentiond "Kassenzettel" // BUT see also Valter Longo 'its a complex system, not one thing' // obesogenic compounds disrupting evolutions complex system. // nikotine - children from smoking mothers born underweight, tend to be overweight later // also phalates bisphenol DES TBT PBDE PFOA PCB Dioxin Organophosphat Atrazin DDT Mercury / Blei Benzopyren Nikotin Genistein Glutamat //&! !!! ALL IN PROCESSES FOODS AND ANIMAL FOODS! - https://youtu.be/-Pzi8VWWvDI?t=23m45s - Phalates et al in ready meal processed food mac n cheese!!! its not food its chemical ...
public  health  pollution  obesity  overweight  PBA  endocrine  system  disruption  disruptors  toxicity  environmental  environment  ecological  crisis  fungicide  pesticide  herbicide  plastic  nation  toxicology  hormones  IGF-1  antibiotic  antibiotics  Fructose  epigenetics  processed  food  S.A.D.  western  diet  junk  Cancer  lifestyle  convenience  cost  ready  meal 
27 days ago by asterisk2a
Are you ready for , and for new energy technologies that may solve global issues? Don't miss the…
energy  disruption  from twitter_favs
28 days ago by davidorban
Uber, Lyft are depressing CTA train ridership in Chicago - Greg Hinz - Crain's Chicago Business
Stats point to @uber @lyft driving down #public #transit ridership, in #Chicago & other cities
chicago  Urban  transit  transport  public  disruption  Competition  2018  q1  uber  lyft  car  share  congestion  altrans 
28 days ago by csrollyson

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