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Resistance Is Futile: Uber Loves a Good Fight | Inc.com
Recently, some of the world's fastest-growing tech companies have been pushing ahead with their ideas without pausing to ask for permission. As a result, they're behaving in ways lawmakers aren't quite comfortable with. Consider that on your phone, you can purchase luggage (say, on Amazon), find someone to carry said luggage (TaskRabbit), rent an apartment for a couple of days (Airbnb), and hail a luxury sedan (you get the picture). But when the luggage retailer doesn't pay state sales tax, the employment provider doesn't pay minimum wage, the renter doesn't hold the lease, and the sedan driver doesn't charge a fixed rate? The government is pissed.
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2 days ago by jeromekatz
After losing to Uber, cities are squeezing scooters and bike-shares.
Kalanick and Uber rode outside the law in many of the cities they entered, operating without permission (or straight-up illegally) until the service had made itself so indispensable to the public that regulation was politically impossible. (Various taxi regulators have been sued by medallion owners for basically letting Uber get away with it.) The company used a tool called Greyball to thwart inquisitive city officials. Politicians who challenged the company were humiliated. Company lobbyists swarmed state legislatures to help override municipal laws they didn’t like. Uber’s strategy struck observers then (and still does) as the prototypical brash, careless, and entitled entrance of a Silicon Valley startup—a crystallization of Facebook’s now-discredited “move fast and break things” catchphrase. With mild-mannered Dara Khosrowshahi at the wheel, Uber is suddenly running good-government campaigns. “We were probably trading off doing the right thing for growth, and thinking about competition maybe a bit too aggressively, and some of those things were mistakes,” he told the New Yorker this spring about the Kalanick era.
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2 days ago by jeromekatz
Is an Uber Ride Any Better Than a Gypsy Cab? - Motherboard
If Uber allegedly employs rapists and recruits unlicensed drivers, does that make the chauffer service any different than the gypsy cabs your mom always told you not to take?
It's complicated. Uber has faced nothing but resistance from local governments and taxi companies (especially in DC) since it launched in 2011, but it's contested those challenges by demonstrating a demand for a smartphone-powered private car service, or, as it calls itself, "Everyone's Private Driver." 
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2 days ago by jeromekatz
Tim Harford — Article — Why big companies squander brilliant ideas
In 1970, the photocopying giant Xerox established the Palo Alto Research Center, or Parc. Xerox Parc then developed the world’s first personal computer, with a graphical user interface, windows, icons and a mouse. Bill Gates of Microsoft and Steve Jobs of Apple observed developments at Xerox Parc with great interest. Xerox still makes photocopiers.
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13 days ago by sparkey
Three Signals Your Industry Is About to Be Disrupted – MIT Sloan Management Review
Legacy companies are falling like dominoes to disruptors. Together, emerging technology and new business models have created new ways of serving customers. The same way Airbnb, Uber, and LinkedIn fundamentally changed the lodging, taxi, and recruiting industries, titans such as Amazon, Google, and Facebook are now poised to disrupt every industry as wide-ranging as health insurers to grocers. It’s safe to say that no industry will be left untouched — but is yours next?

A number of industries seem to be “safe” from disruption, but often the markets most at risk do not see it coming. Who would have predicted, for example, that Amazon would follow its acquisition of Whole Foods Market with a jump into health care? We have looked at common patterns among more recent business model innovations and determined three major signals that your industry could be on the precipice of major change.
13 days ago by JordanFurlong
Square expands its bank-like offerings, letting sellers charge customers in installments
Disrupters gonna disrupt, loans edition:

> This type of loan is typically reserved for retailers who bring in more than $1 million in revenue, and requires a lot of paperwork.
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18 days ago by cote

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