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Realtors have such a racket going. Will be glad to see it get disrupted. (cougarmeister) - CougarBoard.com
Wife and I are starting to look for a bigger house, saw one we wanted to see, so because we don't have a buyer's agent, I called the seller's broker directly and set up the appointment. via Pocket
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4 days ago by basecamp
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Wow. That is a statement to the occurring today! Samsung CEO resigns, citing ‘unprecedented crisis’
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6 days ago by dtomoff
The Elements of Disruption - by @barnes_hank
Technology – While not the sole element, technology innovations often play a significant role
Business – Shifts in business models and practices that change the rules of buying and selling
Industry – Identifying changing industry dynamics, or regulations (or sometimes ignoring them)
Society – Leveraging societal trends that provide new ways to build awareness, interest, and “tribes”"
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9 days ago by jonerp

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