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'Huawei Mate X' foldable phone leaks ahead of unveiling - 9to5Google
- where’s the screen from; I thought this was Samsung exclusive technology. Why would they help Huawei?
huawei  technology  displays  china 
29 days ago by renaissancechambara
Moddable Display Examples
This page contains videos showing the Moddable SDK display animations on a variety of different displays. The applications are written in JavaScript using the Piu user interface framework with graphics rendered by Poco. Piu, Poco, and the display drivers work together to deliver high quality, optimized rendering on low-cost microcontrollers.
moddable  displays  examples  embedded  javascript 
29 days ago by cyberchucktx
Fine Wordclocks
In the "interesting display" category, here's an interesting "wordclock"
displays  shared 
4 weeks ago by davidnunez
Fixing switchResx saving issue | Devbytes
Recently I bought a ultra-wide monitor which a really weird but useful 21:9 aspect ratio.The only way mac would support this if i get a mini displayport to displayport adapter.
switchres  tips  macos  displays  lg 
7 weeks ago by emory
I can't get my 2560x1080 monitor to show its native resolution on my Mac
I can't get my 2560x1080 monitor to show its native resolution on my Mac
hardware  switchres  macos  displays  config  household.it 
7 weeks ago by emory
SwitchResX to Help Set up Ultra-Wide LG Monitor on macOS
I blog about projects I'm working on. Mostly about mobile games, tech, web service, little tiny things I built for myself or for public, and tech/game industry-wide. Currently I'm living in Shenzhen, China. I'm running a small creative company with my girlfriend here.
34WK500-P  monitor  hardware  displays  macos  switchres  software  configuration  household.it  LG 
7 weeks ago by emory
Newhaven Display International, Inc., High Quality Standard and Custom OLEDs, TFTs, LCDs and VFDs.
Newhaven Display International Inc. specializes in providing quality display products ranging from OLED and LCD displays to VFD Displays and various accessories. In addition to the vast standard part offerings, custom designs are also available.
electronics  maker  displays 
december 2018 by dlkinney

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