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Borderlight Live Wallpaper brings color to the edges of your phone
The community that has developed here at XDA is truly amazing. Enthusiasts of Android gather together on our forums to do many things. Some help others by answering questions in the Q/A forums while others generously share their work with the community which can result in people starting to learn to code, refine their existing apps, and more. We recently covered a live wallpaper for the OnePlus 6 called Borderlight from XDA Junior Member dax105. At the time it was exclusive to the OnePlus 6, but due to popular demand the developer has come back with an updated version.

While some look at the trends within the smartphone community as a negative, others look at it as a way to show off their skills. The slim bezels of the OnePlus 6 was a great canvas for dax105 to show off their Borderlight live wallpaper application and it had an interesting look to it because of the shape of the phone’s notch. While the application was specifically made for the OnePlus 6, a comment in our original coverage had a user (RobboW) who said they installed the app on their Axon 7.
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[LIVE WALLPAPER] Borderlight - edge highligh… | Android Development and Hacking
This is an updated version of the original Borderlight found here. It's a live wallpaper that creates a thin colorful line on the edge of the display (hence the name), the new version also allows you to display a normal background image behind the edge highlight and darken/desaturate it when the device is locked/unlocked.

There is no real way to programatically get the shape of the display in Android, so I did the next best thing and created a preset system, where users can tweak the wallpaper for their phone and then share their preset with others.

Best OnePlus 6 Screen Protectors by Hunkman
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DAKboard - A customizable display for your photos, calendar, news, weather and more!
A wifi connected wall display for your photos, calendar, news and weather. A modern digital photo frame with a beautifully designed interface!
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Optician Sans – Free font based on historical optotypes
"Optician Sans is based on the same visual principles as the LogMAR chart, adjusted to be used as a fully functional display typeface."
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2 days ago by schahn
DAKboard - A customizable display for your photos, calendar, news, weather and more!
A wifi connected wall display for your photos, calendar, news and weather. A modern digital photo frame with a beautifully designed interface!
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