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​This web-based workbook was originally designed to support the Dismantling Racism Works 2-day basic workshop.
The workbook is now offered as a resource to the community.
If you would, please continue to credit dRworks if and when you use our material. Thank you.
This web-based workbook is resource dense, so for best results, use a computer to view and use it.
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july 2018 by walecain
Prop Trading Is Back: Fed Considers "Significant Rewrite" Of Volcker Rule
Nearly 7 years after it was first implemented, the Volcker Rule - which sought to put an end to prop trading by FDIC-insured banks (i.e., those who are funded with deposits among other sources of capital) - is about to be phased out, and prop trading is about to become one of the most desired jobs on Wall Street again.
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may 2018 by elev8
RT : Today we gave a conference about our activism and dissident art online museum
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january 2016 by jonCates
Russell Davies: Principle drift
“the biggest challenge in Digital Transformation is not in the initial refocusing on a new organising principle, it's in resisting the steady drift back to the old one.”

[Reminds me of Alfie Kohn on progressive education. http://www.alfiekohn.org/article/progressive-education/
“All progressive schools experience a constant undertow, perhaps a request to reintroduce grades of some kind, to give special enrichments to the children of the “gifted” parents, to start up a competitive sports program (because American children evidently don’t get enough of winning and losing outside of school), to punish the kid who did that bad thing to my kid, to administer a standardized test or two (“just so we can see how they’re doing”), and, above all, to get the kids ready for what comes next — even if this amounts to teaching them badly so they’ll be prepared for the bad teaching to which they’ll be subjected later.”]
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february 2015 by robertogreco
Nikon D90 torn down, rebuilt in pink (video)
Words... what good are words when you're trying to describe the horrific visage of a growling, rugged, heavyweight camera coated in the frilly tutu of the color spectrum, magenta? We shan't try to describe the peculiar mix of revolt, disgust and subtle desire that this whole thing incites in us, and will just point you after the break for the video. There's plenty of good clean fun to be had while exploring the dismantled D90 (though there's one instance of foul language when the modder gets an electric shock, understandable) and if you're of a nervous disposition you can always skip the shockingly pink finale.Continue reading Nikon D90 torn down, rebuilt in pink (video)
Nikon D90 torn down, rebuilt in pink (video) originally appeared on Engadget on Thu, 11 Mar 2010 07:49:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds.
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march 2010 by aaronmfraser
Vermont Yankee to offer power contract
Vermont Yankee is seeking a 20-year extension to its operating license, which expires in 2012.
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february 2009 by eversourcenh

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