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How do & affect democracy in Europe? And which media do Europeans trust the most? Check o…
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5 days ago by sdp
Another take on the work of the High Level Expert Group on " and online , initiated by the…
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11 days ago by sabatini
cultural cognition project - Cultural Cognition Blog - What's worse? Macedonian "fake news" or Russian distortions of social proof?
This is where Russia comes in. Its Facebook postings are not about the facts relating to one or another policy but about the facts of social proof—who is fighting whom over what.
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14 days ago by yorksranter
The science of fake news | Science
The rise of fake news highlights the erosion of long-standing institutional bulwarks against misinformation in the internet age. Concern over the problem is global. However, much remains unknown regarding the vulnerabilities of individuals, institutions, and society to manipulations by malicious actors. A new system of safeguards is needed. Below, we discuss extant social and computer science research regarding belief in fake news and the mechanisms by which it spreads. Fake news has a long history, but we focus on unanswered scientific questions raised by the proliferation of its most recent, politically oriented incarnation. Beyond selected references in the text, suggested further reading can be found in the supplementary materials.
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14 days ago by rvenkat
Disinformation spread online is so disorienting that it’s messing with the researchers who study it » Nieman Journalism Lab
Plus: Outrage-tweeting is a dangerous thing, and why we have to teach students not to be “trust misers.”

“Very effective and extremely disorienting.” This week I got to hear Kate Starbird, assistant professor at the University of Washington and director of its Emerging Capacities of Mass Participation (emCOMP) Laboratory, speak about her research into how online disinformation spreads during crisis events (like shootings and terrorist attacks) and what she’s learned about the networks spreading this information and the tactics that they use.
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17 days ago by reginajmc
Colonizing the Western Mind
Today we live beneath an invisible cultural hegemony, a set of ideas implanted in the mass mind by the U.S. state and its corporate media over decades. Invisibility seems to happen when something is either obscure or ubiquitous. In a propaganda system, an overarching objective is to render the messaging invisible by universalizing it within the culture. Difference is known by contrast. If there are no contrasting views in your field of vision, it’s easier to accept the ubiquitous explanation. The good news is that the ideology is well-known to some who have, for one lucky reason or another, found themselves outside the hegemonic field and are thus able to contrast the dominant worldview with alternative opinions. On the left, the ruling ideology might be described as neoliberalism, a particularly vicious form of imperial capitalism that, as would be expected, is camouflaged in the lineaments of humanitarian aid and succor.
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17 days ago by altoii

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