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Even smart people are shockingly bad at analyzing sources online | Nieman Journalism Lab
"Historians and students often fell victim to easily manipulated features of websites, such as official-looking logos and domain names. They read vertically, staying within a website to evaluate its reliability. In contrast, fact checkers read laterally, leaving a site after a quick scan and opening up new browser tabs in order to judge the credibility of the original site. Compared to the other groups, fact checkers arrived at more warranted conclusions in a fraction of the time."
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7 days ago by sebastienmarion
Gavin Sheridan on Twitter: "Facebook pages like this fascinate me. 2.7m fans. No discernible owner. https://t.co/UQBAk1vZnj"
I find myself wondering lately if Tim Berners-Lee’s “THIS IS FOR EVERYONE” thing was such a good idea. Found myself musing on that again while reading this.

(via https://twitter.com/MeghnaWBUR/status/911578463655559169)
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26 days ago by beep
Epistemic beliefs’ role in promoting misperceptions and conspiracist ideation
Widespread misperceptions undermine citizens’ decision-making ability. Conclusions based on falsehoods and conspiracy theories are by definition flawed. This article demonstrates that individuals’ epistemic beliefs–beliefs about the nature of knowledge and how one comes to know–have important implications for perception accuracy. The present study uses a series of large, nationally representative surveys of the U.S. population to produce valid and reliable measures of three aspects of epistemic beliefs: reliance on intuition for factual beliefs (Faith in Intuition for facts), importance of consistency between empirical evidence and beliefs (Need for evidence), and conviction that “facts” are politically constructed (Truth is political). Analyses confirm that these factors complement established predictors of misperception, substantively increasing our ability to explain both individuals’ propensity to engage in conspiracist ideation, and their willingness to embrace falsehoods about high-profile scientific and political issues. Individuals who view reality as a political construct are significantly more likely to embrace falsehoods, whereas those who believe that their conclusions must hew to available evidence tend to hold more accurate beliefs. Confidence in the ability to intuitively recognize truth is a uniquely important predictor of conspiracist ideation. Results suggest that efforts to counter misperceptions may be helped by promoting epistemic beliefs emphasizing the importance of evidence, cautious use of feelings, and trust that rigorous assessment by knowledgeable specialists is an effective guard against political manipulation.
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4 weeks ago by rvenkat
How Social Media Spurred Violence Against Rohingya in Myanmar — Refugees Deeply
Did social media _cause_ this violence? Do social media (spur)cause nationalism, in the absence of other socio-political conditions?
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5 weeks ago by rvenkat

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