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Amnesty International launches new global network of researchers to deploy digital verification for human rights
South China Morning Post

"Amnesty International is training a global network of student researchers, including some from Hong Kong, to integrate digital verification into human rights investigations...The digital verification corps is working with 120 students from six universities, including the University of Hong Kong, the University of California, Berkeley, the University of Toronto, the University of Cambridge, the University of Essex and the University of Pretoria. The students, from different academic backgrounds such as law and journalism, are trained in open source investigation methods, like reverse image search, geolocation search and shadow analysis...Because of the massive amount of content involved, the task is time-consuming and can take days or weeks. The students conduct research on human rights violations and search for online content that can be used to illustrate the cases." - Fiona Sun, South China Morning Post
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7 weeks ago by dmcdev
Di Alexander Berzin Introduzione Molti membri d'alto rango del regime Nazista, incluso Hitler, ma specialmente Himmler e Hess, avevano contorte credenze occultistiche. Spinti da queste convinzioni, i tedeschi mandarono una spedizione ufficiale in Tibet tra il 1938 e il 1939, su invito da parte del governo tibetano a partecipare alle celebrazioni del Losar (il Nuovo…
7 weeks ago by thx1138
Jigsaw Bought a Russian Twitter Troll Campaign as an Experiment
"Let's say I want to wage a disinformation campaign to attack a political opponent or a company, but I don’t have the infrastructure to create my own Internet Research Agency," Gully told WIRED in an interview, speaking publicly about Jigsaw's year-old disinformation experiment for the first time. "We wanted to see if we could engage with someone who was willing to provide this kind of assistance to a political actor ... to buy services that directly discredit their political opponent for very low cost and with no tooling or resources required. For us, it’s a pretty clear demonstration these capabilities exist, and there are actors comfortable doing this on the internet."

it cost just $250.
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9 weeks ago by jm
The war for truth in Myanmar’s cyberspace - @ayleighk
In Myanmar's "new age of connectivity, the army which once censored the internet and press, hacked dissidents and mounted denial of service attacks on exile media outlets, has turned its hand to disinformation," writes Kayleigh Long for Coda Story. "For every conflict that plays out on the ground in Myanmar today, there’s a parallel one being waged in cyberspace, by activists, ethnic armed groups, political parties, civilian government actors — and the army itself."
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10 weeks ago by dmcdev
An Iranian Disinformation Operation Impersonated Media Outlets To Push Anti-Saudi Info
"An ambitious online disinformation campaign that impersonated major media outlets, used fake Twitter accounts to spread false articles, and targeted real journalists is likely linked to Iran, according to researchers who tracked it for close to two years. Since early 2016, the operation published 135 fabricated articles on websites designed to mimic outlets such as the Guardian, Bloomberg, Al Jazeera, the Independent, the Atlantic, and Politico...Citizen Lab concluded with 'moderate confidence' that the network is tied to actors in Iran after analyzing domains, articles, and Twitter accounts among other information, and combining it with findings from investigations published by Facebook and FireEye. Citizen Lab did not find evidence linking it to the Iranian government, but did conclude that the operation was focused on spreading anti-Saudi narratives."

+ Read the full Citizen Lab report here: Burned After Reading: Endless Mayfly’s Ephemeral Disinformation Campaign https://citizenlab.ca/2019/05/burned-after-reading-endless-mayflys-ephemeral-disinformation-campaign/?mc_cid=248ff8c362&mc_eid=2db4b38f27
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may 2019 by dmcdev
Inside the Trump Bunker, With 12 Days to Go - Bloomberg
Trump campaign's voter suppression efforts using facebook
april 2019 by ellepell
India may be witnessing the next ‘WhatsApp election’ — and the stakes couldn’t be higher - The Washington Post
. This means that if the ruling party sends volunteers to join ideologically aligned groups and leverages its ties to the government to access the databases linking mobile numbers to individuals, it could theoretically identify individual members of WhatsApp groups. With access to this data, the ruling party can target misinformation campaigns — on social media and via text — to receptive audiences.
april 2019 by ellepell

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