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Linux Kernel Mailing List Insults (2012) - Open Data Census
This data set is part of a larger group of data sets described in 'FLOSS as a source for profanity and insults: Collecting the data,' and hosted on the FLOSSmole.org site. Contains insults gleaned from messages sent to the Linux Kernel Mailing List (LKML) by Linus Torvalds during the year 2012
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3 days ago by jaimoe
Clkscrew: Exposing the perils of security-oblivious energy management | lobsters
note nickpsecurity's comment. Of course all of this happens because they stick the power-management CPU into the SoC.
lobsters  arm  security  vuln  discussion  hardware 
4 days ago by mechazoidal
I can throw a baseball a lot further than a ping pong ball. I cannot throw a bowling ball nearly as far as a baseball. Is there an "optimal" weight for a ball to throw it as far as possible? : answers
If there are two balls with the same size, they will have the same drag force when traveling at the same speed.
Smaller balls will have less wetted area, and therefore less drag force acting on them
A ball with more mass will decelerate less given the same amount of drag.
The human hand has difficulty holding objects that are too large or too small.
I think that a human's throw is limited by the speed of the hand at the moment of release -- the object can't move faster than your hand when it's released.
A ball with more mass will also be more difficult for a human to throw. Thier arm will rotate slower and the object will have less velocity.
As such, you want the smallest ball that a human can comfortably hold, that is heavy for its size but still light with respect to a human's perspective. Bonus points for drag reduction tech.
Golf balls are surprisingly heavy given their size, and the dimples are designed to convert a laminar boundary layer into a turbulent one. Turbulent boundary layers grip the surface better, delaying flow separation, which is likely the most significant contribution to parasitic drag.
TL; DR: probably a golf ball.
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6 days ago by nhaliday
[svlug] j-core vs RISC-V Tue May 9 16:08:47 PDT 2017
Rob Landley has an excellent thread on current jcore vs. risc-v. The entire thread is well worth your time.
"Pretty much all the fabs we talked to when reseraching ASIC manufacturing is interested in offering j-core processors as a library to their customers, since it's provably royalty-free. (They're especially interested in the j1 variant, which is a stripped _down_ j2 with a microcoded shift-and-add version version of the multiply instruction and using sram instead of cache/dram. I.E. arduino country. We can replace a lot of 8-bit microcontrollers without increasing transistor count or doing _too_ much damage to memory usage, and that excites people.)"
risc-v  jcore  superh  hardware  security  2017  comment  discussion  electronics 
6 days ago by mechazoidal
A new way to learn economics
With the new school year starting, there is good news for incoming students of economics—and anybody else who wants to learn about issues like inequality, globalization, and the most efficient ways to tackle climate change. A group of economists from both sides of the Atlantic, part of a project called core Econ, has put together a new introductory economics curriculum, one that is modern, comprehensive, and freely available online.
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6 days ago by doneata

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