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Interactive Strategies for Engaging Large and Small Classes Alike | Faculty Focus
"One of the best ways to cultivate interaction is to literally go to where the students are. Get away from the front of the room and walk among the desks."
teaching  classroom-management  discussion 
5 days ago by dilibrary
DACI: a decision-making framework | Atlassian Team Playbook
The DACI model gives each person involved in the decision a specific role, making you more efficient and effective. Here's an example of how to use it.
framework  leadership  decisions  discussion 
5 days ago by trodrigues
The Why of Cooking (2017) | Hacker News
Discussion of the practicalities of "eating healthy" by cooking from scratch
drivetotrust  cooking  discussion  bullsi  health 
6 days ago by csrollyson
>> Compare this to number theory, where every interesting extant problem appears... | Hacker News
I don't often come here to comment but as someone in progress on an original research masters in number theory I can say this is utter bullshit. I assume your 'interesting' qualification (somehow) excludes obvious candidates like Landau's problems [0]. Some examples. I was taught about the ABC conjecture as an undergrad. You can easily teach the Brun sieve [1] method of working out that the sum of the reciprocal of the twin primes converges...
numbertheory  math  hn  discussion  intro  overview  interesting  inspiration 
6 days ago by joecamel

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