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Perfection Salad | Meaningness
Essay connecting the "sciencing" of new fields to make them more authoritative to Foucauldian discussions of power and discourse. Uses "domestic science" as an example of this, showing how cooking was ruined for decades by bogus prescriptions that sounded scientific but had little actual value. Comparison to "cognitive science" in its current state.

"To make my analogy explicit, cognitive scientists, like domestic ones, are wont to apply irrelevant branches of science, smear empty mathematics over the phenomena, make absurd generalizations from variables they can measure while neglecting anything they can’t, adopt outward trappings of physicists even when they are inappropriate, constantly engage in meaningless “scientific” rituals, and make confident policy recommendations (e.g. concerning education) based on what they know to be extremely incomplete understandings. As rational beings, they both seek for themselves and impute to their subject matter control, practice according to formal rules, certain knowledge, objectivity, abstract representation, and generalization."
scientism  rationality  cooking  authority  discourse  foucault 
10 days ago by gunsch
Knocking Down a Steel Man: How to Argue Better
"The beginning of thought is in disagreement - not only with others but also with ourselves." - Eric Hoffer You know when someone makes an argument, and you know you can get away with making it seem like they made a much worse one, so you attack that argument for points? That’s strawmanning. Lots of us…
arguing  discourse 
11 days ago by NorwegianRockCat
Elm Discourse
Another Elm discussion site
elm  discourse  chat 
20 days ago by scottnelsonsmith
How do I: Configure and use Mailing list (Digest) mode? - User Guides and How-Tos - Jag-lovers Forums
There are two parts to configuring Mailing list, or what we used to call "Digest" mode: First, you populate your "Muted list" to EXCLUDE all the topics which you DO NOT wish to see, once this is complete you can then ena…
4 weeks ago by michael.henry
No, #MeToo Is Not a Witch Hunt - Pacific Standard
The #MeToo movement is not a witch hunt. It's not a lynch mob. It's not like the Holocaust, Japanese Internment, McCarthyism, or the Inquisition. Every time we get a little bit closer to holding powerful men accountable for their actions, bad historical metaphors tumble forth from people who are eager to appear to be concerned about overreach and due process. Overreach is always possible. Due process is important. But comparisons that equate holding the powerful accountable with the systematic persecution of marginalized people are both offensive and intended to obfuscate the truth. #MeToo is a rebellion against the kinds of entrenched powers that persecute; it is not an act of persecution.
discourse  cultural-norms  media-coverage  rhetoric  essay  reactionaries 
5 weeks ago by Vaguery

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