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The issue isn't localised to just Discord, it's an issue with Cloudflare's servers this…
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yesterday by jhill5
DISBOARD | Lista de Servidores de Discord Públicos
DISBOARD es la lista de servidores públicos de Discord. Puedes buscar servidores en cuanto a tus intereses, como Gaming, Anime, Música, etc. ¡Encuentra y únete a algún servidor por aquí que te guste!
5 days ago by cyborg
Using Search – Discord
Search Saves the Day What's that mysterious gray box with a magnifying glass so cryptically labeled "Search" you say? It could...
Discord  search  syntax 
13 days ago by oldtowneast
Online gaming for male bonding
Men who aren't comfortable with intimate conversation still have meaningful conversations with friends while gaming
games  gaming  men  feminism  socialization  tootme  discord 
19 days ago by nelson
Discord Is the Voice Chat App I’ve Always Wanted
Discord is a newcomer to the chat scene, but it’s made a big splash. The app provides voice and text chat for groups, with an emphasis on gaming. However, it’s so sweet I’ve already started using it for everyday chat.
discord  chat  voice.chat  software  hosted  saas  twitch.tv 
4 weeks ago by po
Using Rust to Scale Elixir for 11 Million Concurrent Users
Over the last year, the Backend Infrastructure team at Discord was hard at work improving the scalability and performance of our core real-time communications infrastructure.
One big project we undertook was changing how we update the Member List (all those nifty people on the right side of the screen). Instead of sending updates for every single person in the Member List, we could just send down the updates for the visible portion of the Member List. This has obvious benefits such as less network traffic, less CPU usage, better battery life; the list goes on and on.
However, this posed one big problem on the server side: We needed a data structure capable of holding hundreds of thousands of entries, sorted in a particular way that can accept and process tons of mutations, and can report back indices of where things are being added and removed.
Elixir is a functional language; its data structures are immutable. This is great for reasoning about code and supporting the massive concurrency you enjoy when you write Elixir. The double-edged sword of immutable data structures is that mutations are modeled by taking an existing data structure and an operation and creating a brand new data structure that is the result of applying that operation to the existing data structure.
elixir  discord  Rust 
4 weeks ago by northwestyam
Check out the CS Study Group community on Discord - hang out with 342 other members and enjoy free voice and text chat.
discord  #programming-channel 
5 weeks ago by bigpicbruh
Discord, Slack for gamers, tops 250 million registered users
You may never have heard of Discord, but you might soon. The chat app built initially for gamers has been steadily expanding outside that world as it's increasingly used by YouTube personalities, podcasters, hackers and more. Overall, the company says it counts more than 250 million registered users, or basically the same number of people who've signed up to play the cultural phenom Fortnight. More than 56 million people log in each month on the app, which marks its fourth anniversary Monday. "As Discord has grown, it's gone mainstream," the company said in a statement.
dd  bf  discord 
5 weeks ago by motiveunknown
Welcome to discord.py — discord.py 1.1.0 documentation
discord.py is a modern, easy to use, feature-rich, and async ready API wrapper for Discord.
discord.py  async  ready  api  wrapper  discord  itp 
6 weeks ago by gdw

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