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Moving to HTML5 Premium Media | Microsoft Edge Dev Blog
The commercial media industry is undergoing a major transition as content providers move away from proprietary web plug-in based delivery mechanisms (such as Flash or Silverlight), and replace them with unified plug-in free video players that are based on HTML5 specifications and commercial media encoding capabilities. Browsers are moving away from plug-ins as well, as Chrome is with NPAPI and Microsoft Edge is with ActiveX, and toward more secure extension models.
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july 2015 by fjordaan
Apple may discontinue iPad Mini line this year according to a new report
Amid rumors of a 12-inch iPad Plus making a debut this year, a new Digitimes report has claimed that the Apple may retire its iPad Mini lineup this year. Apple supply chain makers have allegedly not received any new orders for the fourth generation iPad Mini models, possibly hinting at the end of the road...

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Apple  may  discontinue  iPad  Mini  line  this  year  according  to  a  new  report 
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Cinch App | Klout To Discontinue Cinch Friday, April 18th 2014
The Cinch App that was developed by San Francisco-based Klout, and designed to be a kind of mobile-based Quora, but geared toward giving advice-type answers to questions you posted, will be discontinued tomorrow: that’s Friday, April 18th at 12 PM. Here’s the email on the news that came to this blogger just about 10 minutes […]

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Products & Services tab Retirement
LinkedIn cancels key company page features, promotes others: here's what to do while you still can #fb
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