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The Devastating Illusion of Control - NYMag
Coates on quitting Twitter: “If I don’t exert control over what goes in then I won’t have control over what goes out.” He said he wanted to be “a decent person but a really good writer,” and that in order to do that he needed to shut things out. - how hard it is to carve out time for yourself to retreat, in order to advance.

History is... nothing more than a continuum of moments, ours and those around us — as Coates articulates so well. It’s how we recognize and connect them that makes the difference.
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2 lessons I will teach my future kids
This is one of the TOP 5 PROBLEMS that people email me about. It’s unreal how many people just simply don’t follow through on anything they start. And they know it and hate themselves for it.

I have people who email me, telling me how tired they are of starting something and never following through. In the VERY SAME EMAIL, they pledge to “finally get it together,” so I challenge them with a very small action step and tell them to email me back in exactly 3 days.

I never hear from them again.

I’ve spoken with thousands of these people. When they actually reply, the patterns are identical:

They were smart as kids. They didn’t try very hard at school and still did well
Parents complimented them for how smart/great they were
Once they encountered real challenges (typically, college-level academics and the lack of structure of the real world), they began to fail
Having never failed before and built coping skills, they panicked, got stuck, and here they are
You can find their stories here: “How do I stop being so damn lazy?”

These people explained that they used to love how much “freedom” their parents gave them, but they now wish their parents had pushed them and forced them to learn the skill of discipline.

This is why I laugh when people tell me “all I want for my kids is for them to be happy.” Kids get happy eating 5 bags of Skittles. That doesn’t mean you feed it to them.
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