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Advice Upon Entry
“In my limited experience what you find in the wake of exercising your honor is not fanfare or recognition, but the silent satisfaction where you know that had you not taken action the outcome would have been far worse for others.”

“Learn to see the inner child within each person”
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How following a schedule improved my creativity
In my experience interviewing 700 experts for my podcast, the Unmistakable Creative, I discovered a clear pattern among every single person who does creative work for a living


Before I wrote every day, I resisted ambitious projects like writing books because it felt utterly overwhelming. Having some constraints can spark creativity, but it’s very difficult to produce a masterpiece in one sitting. Think about if a director tried to make a movie in one day, or if a writer attempted to write a novel without stopping. Without further editing and refining (and probably some pauses in between), it’s unlikely that they’ll win an Oscar or Pulitzer for that work.

I found that once I stopped thinking about writing a book in its entirety, and focused on writing 1,000 words a day, it didn’t seem as daunting. I ended up finishing a 45,000-word manuscript in six months.

1) You need to choose a specific time. When you put something on a calendar, it goes from being an item on a to-do list to a time-bound commitment. Look for blank spaces in your schedule. If you’re deliberate about setting aside time for something, you’re much more likely to do it.

2) Establish a routine in a particular place. When you show up at the same place day after day to do your creative work, your mind will link your environment and your behavior. For me, it’s drinking a cup of bulletproof coffee at 6 a.m., with a techno track on repeat. That triggers my brain to say “it’s time to read and write.” Choose a place that inspires you. It could be a room in your house or a spot at your kitchen table. Or you might get to work an hour before everybody else shows up. It doesn’t matter where you are, as long as it inspires you.
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EMAIL: THE [PRO] FILE: David Goggins, SEAL-turned-ultra-marathoner
Goggins believes that you must do something that sucks every single day because suffering begets growth.

“You have to have friction in your life to gain growth. And the only way to do that is to make yourself uncomfortable.”
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The 40% Rule: A Navy SEAL’s Secret to Mental Toughness | Fortune
“He would say that when your mind is telling you you’re done, you’re really only 40 percent done. And he had a motto: If it doesn’t suck we don’t do it. And that was his way of forcing us to get uncomfortable to figure out what our baseline was and what our comfort level was and just turning it upside-down.”

The 40% rule, the SEAL explained, is the reason why even though most people hit a wall at mile 16 during a marathon, they’re still able to finish.

Itzler wrote about experiencing the 40% rule the very first day that the SEAL moved in with him.

“The first day that “SEAL” came to live with me he asked me to do—he said how many pull-ups can you do?

I did about eight.

And he said all right. Take 30 seconds and do it again. So 30 seconds later I got up on the bar and I did six, struggling. And he said all right, one more time. We waited 30 seconds and I barely got three or four and I was done. I mean couldn’t move my arms done. And he said all right. We’re not leaving here until you do 100 more. And I thought there’s no—well we’re going to be here for quite a long time because there’s no way that I could do 100. But I ended up doing it one at a time and he showed me, proved to me right there that there was so much more, we’re all capable of so much more than we think we are. And it was just a great lesson.”
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19 days ago by lwhlihu
What characteristics does Cristiano Ronaldo have that make him a successful leader in sports? - Quora
First and foremost, the guy leads by example, he is super disciplined and professional. From simple things like sleeping and getting up on time to things like changing his playing style as he grew old, he’s ready to do just anything and everything to improve his game.
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Discipline And Divinity - Siddha Performance
If the reward is not immediate, the action is not worth it!

If you are going to do it NOW, then you must be rewarded NOW!


To live every action with discipline is perhaps the way to instant divinity.

A disciplined stride, disciplined speech, disciplined breathing, disciplined stirring of the warm soup, disciplined smiles, disciplined admonishments . . . a wholly disciplined micro-existence.

What does it mean to walk and speak disciplined? How will you know?

This question is not answered by words after the action takes place.

It is answered by the intention before the action commences.

Any principle or idea that you are considering, do not ask yourself if it is “worth doing.”

Ask yourself, “Is it worth devoting your life to.”
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