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Using mag fields to align magnetic nanoparticles in an electrode to improve electron paths, for higher peak battery output.
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october 2018 by asteroza
1.2v ~ 12v 18650 Li ion Lithium Battery Capacity Testers Discharge Tester+ Resistance Lead acid New Bettery Tester-in Battery Testers from Tools on Aliexpress.com | Alibaba Group
Current measurement was badly (25%?) inaccurate, prior to calibration; voltage was accurate.
To calibrate, unplug USB / 5V; hold down all three buttons; plug in USB / 5V; supply 0V 0A, 10V 0A, 2A (as requested).

From the listing:

ZB2L3 battery capacity tester discharge type 1.2-12V external load capacity of the battery and other tests 18650
Tools, single-function, by controlling the load off and get real-time integrated discharge current capacity results
Maximum support 15V 3A discharged through the discharge voltage and current, itself does not discharge
Maximum capacity statistics support 9999Ah (9999000mAh)
Automatically identify and develop appropriate battery termination voltage can also be manually adjusted

Power supply voltage: DC4.5-6V (micro USB connector)
Operating Current: less than 70mA
Discharge voltage: 1.00V-15.00V 0.01V resolution
Termination voltage range: 0.5-11.0V
Supported by current: 3.000A 0.001A resolution
Maximum voltage measurement error: 1% + 0.02V
Maximum current measurement error: 1.5% + - 0.008A
Maximum battery capacity range: 9999Ah (1Ah = 1000mAh) greater value by shifting the decimal point to switch, when the display is less than 10Ah X.XXX, as shown above to achieve 10Ah XX.XX, and so on.
Board size: 50mmX37mm
Finished Size: 50mmX37mmX17mm (length X width X height maximum position size, contains copper foot height)

1. The first test should be fully charged battery.
2. Connect the battery to be tested positive to positive input, a negative input to the negative, can not be reversed (with load reversal may damage the circuit)! Load connected to the output of the positive and negative output, to work through the tester micro USB power supply (not available desktop or laptop USB powered), then the battery voltage.
3. Direct start test need only one press of the "OK" button, the tester can automatically develop an appropriate termination voltage of the battery full charge voltage, and will start flashing after the test three times. Need to develop artificial termination voltage only when the battery voltage display state by pressing "+" or "-" buttons to modify the termination voltage display beginning with P, behind the representative voltage resolution 0.1V, set up after pressing the "OK "start testing.
4. After the start of the test the tester will control the load of the electronic switch is turned on, the test data shows that the process will release capacity (Ah), current discharge current (A) and battery voltage (V) between the wheel was. When the battery voltage reaches the set cut-off voltage, load control switches off the tester display data stays in capacity (Ah) and above and the corresponding indicator flashes quickly together, now displays the actual capacity of the battery is discharging capacity, about the press "OK" to terminate flashing allows stable data display, press again "OK" button to return to the power-on state can just replace the battery test the next section ......

Error codes and their meanings:
Err1: battery voltage is above 15V
Err2: battery voltage is lower than the termination voltage
Err3: Battery can not afford to load or discharge current line too much resistance
Err4: overcurrent (current exceeds 3.1A)

Note: Use the resistance of the discharge process, resistive load will seriously heat, please pay attention to safety!
This circuit voltage in order to improve the measurement accuracy, specially designed DC bias, when the terminal displays nothing then a small voltage does not affect the actual measurement, if you are shorting the input terminals (absolute 0V) will show 0

package include:
1 x 1.5 ~ 12V battery capacity tester
2 x load resistors
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april 2018 by theskett
Comparison of AA battery chemistry
The voltage printed on the cells, do not have much relation to actual voltage when using the cell.
Alkaline marked with 1.5 volt has lower voltage than NiMH marked with 1.2 volt at higher loads (Like a flashlight on high). At very low loads alkaline will be better than NiMH.
Lithium is the top performing chemistry for high voltage, high capacity and fairly high current at the same time (It is also the best at low temperature).
NiZn has too high voltage and with the short lifetime it is not really interesting.
LiIon may be interesting for devices that requires more voltage than NiMH can provide, but watch out for the self discharge.
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november 2017 by 44sunsets

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