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xlog is a logger for net/context aware HTTP applications.

Unlike most loggers, xlog will never block your application because one its outputs is lagging. The log commands are connected to their outputs through a buffered channel and will prefer to discard messages if the buffer get full. All message formatting, serialization and transport happen in a dedicated go routine.
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december 2015 by vonc
Trading on Obsolescence on the Streets of Hong Kong « Discard Studies
The spaces of exchange created on the street, however marginalized and even criminalized, make possible the redemption of things discarded and abandoned on the streets. Through this localized, but highly global landscape, temporalities represented in the castaway commodities converge and emerge to enable new circuits of value creation. The activity of trading obsolescence offers a form of sociality and a means to make ends meet for the urban poor in an economically stratified city....

The leveraging of the temporal lag between the developed and the developing world by these local street vendors enables them to generate additional value from the discarded. Second-hand goods becomes the means to access the consumer society that is characteristic of global cities....

In other words, in the process of “wasting,” value continues to circulate through a network of markets and through multiple cycles of production and consumption. This value conversion does not dissipate the value of the original commodity in its original form, rather the surplus value of the commodity, so to speak, continues to spill over and is a source of generative value in its afterlives.
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september 2015 by shannon_mattern
EDF hungry for Primrose PV | EDF
#» #EDF #EDF #EDF #hungry #for #Primrose #PV #» #UPDATE #» #England #GBR #Sutton #Coldfield #GBR #47 #EDF |B
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march 2015 by heyyouapp
How to create null route or blackhole route | iptables | XP Vista UNIX Solaris BSD | Blackhole Arguments | Mayur Gondaliya
Windows XP/Vista does not support reject or blackhole arguments via route, thus an unused IP address (e.g. must be used as the target gateway:

route -p ADD MASK
blackhole  route  discard  packets  windows 
january 2014 by theskett

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