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Gestr: A Smart Glove for Speech Impairments - Hackster.io
Gestr is a sensor-equipped glove which can convert hand gestures and signals to spoken text for people with speech impairments.
hackster.io  disabled  touch  gesture  glove  wearable  medical  health 
5 days ago by cyberchucktx
Apps die de strijd aangaan met handicaps | De Tijd
Smartphone bedienen zonder aanrakingen
Ook uit Israël komt de app Open Sesame. Daarmee is het mogelijk een smartphone te bedienen zonder hem aan te raken, zodat ook verlamde mensen er een kunnen gebruiken. De app slaagt daarin door met de selfiecamera de oogbewegingen van de gebruikers te tracken. Op die manier kunnen de gebruikers een virtuele cursor besturen en apps openen, scrollen, klikken en swipen en apps sluiten. Open Sesame is voorlopig alleen beschikbaar voor Android en kost, na een gratis proefperiode, net geen 20 dollar per maand.
Apps  list  disabled  handicap 
6 days ago by koenkas
RT : If you are a student, please, please get in contact with me. I'm trying to start awareness about…
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11 days ago by rybesh
He's Helping the Blind 'See' Their Work — and Become Engineers @ OZY
At UVM, Coffee built prototypes of a digital tablet that could create “raised” lines, giving students the ability to draw an image, feel it and, for the first time, to erase the 3D designs if they choose — think Etch A Sketch on steroids. While a number of products have appeared on the market allowing blind people to make raised lines, none had previously figured out how to permit users to erase a three-dimensional object.
ozy  blind  disabled  technology  tablet  digital 
16 days ago by cyberchucktx
RT : A genre of by creators termed 'mendicant poetry' involved petitions in the form of poetr…
Literature  disabled  19c  from twitter
19 days ago by sharon_howard
RT : Also, let’s fully acknowledge that people have specifically targeted a woman of colour to photograph with…
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21 days ago by kitoconnell
Unfit DWP should be axed, says thinktank | Society | The Guardian
Ministers should consider abolishing the Department for Work and Pensions after its failure to help ill and disabled people out of poverty, a leading thinktank has said. [....] Tom Pollard, the report’s author, spent 18 months at the DWP on secondment from mental health charity Mind. By the end of his time there he concluded that the “DWP is institutionally and culturally incapable of making the reforms needed to achieve such a shift in outcomes for ill and disabled people, or for ‘harder-to-help’ groups more widely”. [...] The report concludes that while the DWP has been able to help people with minor difficulties into employment, the outcomes are “much poorer when it comes to supporting people with more complex needs”, such as the ill, disabled, older people, those with drug and alcohol problems, ex-prisoners and the homeless. [...] It calls for the DWP to be stripped of responsibility for these hard-to-help groups, with the health department and NHS helping the ill find work, local government taking over Jobcentre Plus, and benefits and pensions delivered by HMRC. The charitable sector could also be given a bigger role. [...] It accuses the department of seeing claimants through a “benefits lens”, in which conditions were placed on their payments as a way of forcing them into work. He warns that the department’s reputation among many groups is now so bad that it may prove impossible and expensive to improve. “A bad reputation is far harder to lose than a good one,” he writes.
WCA  ESA  Disabled  mental  health  DWP  Universal  Credit  Council  Austerity  Privatisation  welfare  state 
28 days ago by asterisk2a
Today was an awful day.
I am so tired of being , sick and poor.
It's freaking exhausting.
And everything i…
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4 weeks ago by stealingsand
England 'needs millions of homes to solve housing crisis' - BBC News
Shelter's report claims 1.3 million homes are needed to house those in greatest need - including homeless people and those living with a disability.
UK  housing  crisis  social  affordable  Disabled  access  accessible  inequality  discrimination 
5 weeks ago by asterisk2a

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