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Eat White Dirt
[Streaming here:
https://www.thirteen.org/programs/reel-south/reel-south-eat-white-dirt/ ]

[Trailer: https://vimeo.com/38115198 ]

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"The American South Is Still Eating White Dirt: Geophagy, the technical term for deliberately eating earth, soil, or clay, sounds like a terrible idea. Yet in many parts of the world, this is not considered strange or rare, but a culinary past time."

"The Old And Mysterious Practice Of Eating Dirt, Revealed"
https://www.npr.org/sections/thesalt/2014/04/02/297881388/the-old-and-mysterious-practice-of-eating-dirt-revealed ]
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4 weeks ago by robertogreco
How Soil Acts as a Living Witness to Racial Violence by Leanna First-Arai — YES! Magazine
In opening the Legacy Museum and the National Memorial for Peace and Justice, the Equal Justice Initiative has documented the brutal lynchings of more than 4,400 African-descended people between 1877 and 1950. Many of them were in 12 Southern states, but more than 300 killings occurred in states outside of the South. This work is bolstered by the organization’s Community Remembrance Project, through which the Equal Justice Initiative has prompted people who live near the sites of lynching deaths to organize soil collection at those locations. The collection often includes a ceremony honoring the life lost and discussion about how a historical narrative addressing these atrocities might be spread more widely. In each community effort, a jar of earth is sent to the Legacy Museum in Montgomery, where it joins a growing collection of hundreds of jars of soil, each engraved with the name of a lynching victim (or marked as “unknown”) along with the date and location where the person was killed.....

She says the jar full of earth was more than rocks and dirt. “It really felt like an urn with ashes,” she says. James was “the most important passenger on the bus.”
dirt  archive  memory  lynching  race 
6 weeks ago by shannon_mattern
Filled with Uncertainty: Toxic Dirt in Building & Construction | Healthy Building Network
ee C. Seglem, the commission’s acting executive director, testified that “rogue dirt brokers” with “criminal ties” are unloading contaminated fill materials in all sorts of places. They have even “passed off” toxic dirt as “properly recycled topsoil – perhaps destined for gardens and flower beds in neighborhoods across the State.”[2]

Over in New York City, regulators have cracked down on soil traders, and say contaminated fill is going into the “cheapest hole.”[3] They say that a lack of oversight over the soil trade opens the door for shady operators, like Pure Earth Inc., a publicly traded company registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission[4], that received over 11 millions of tons of waste to recycle, including contaminated soil.[5] In 2010, the New York City Business Integrity Commission (BIC) denied its trade waste license because the company lacked “good character, honesty and integrity” and “knowingly associated with convicted racketeers.”[6] After losing its license, Pure Earth abandoned “acres of contaminated soil” in Vineland, N.J.[7]

Developers of buildings, from public housing to high-end skycrapers, likely are unaware of the unregulated dirt trade. All developers should consider this: incredibly, while it is standard practice to assess underlying soil conditions prior to site development, there is no systematic due diligence applied to fill materials brought into a site for construction. And there is plenty of cause for increased diligence.
6 weeks ago by shannon_mattern
SuperDirt/README.md at develop · musikinformatik/SuperDirt
SuperCollider implementation of the Dirt sampler for the Tidal programming language
superdirt  supercollider  dirt  sampler  tidal  programming  music 
7 weeks ago by gdw
GROUND – Society & Space
The word ‘volume’ has its source in the Latin verb volvere, ‘to roll’. Thus, it is cognate with such words as ‘evolution’ and ‘revolution’. The original volume was a scroll of papyrus or parchment, usually inscribed with writing. To read it, the scroll had to be unrolled, or evolved, after which it would be rolled up again, or revolved. Only later did the scroll give way to the handwritten codex, and eventually to the printed book we know today. In the codex, the continuous length of the scroll would be folded into sheets, so that the reader, rather than unrolling the volume, would turn its pages, opening up each fold only to close its predecessor behind. Yet the codex itself was never closed but always remained open, in the reader’s hands or on his desk. Only later, as manuscript was replaced by the printed word, was the book finally closed. For in the printed book, the pages are laid one over another to form a stack. When you retrieve what you call a volume from your shelf, it is to this stack that you refer. Bound between covers, it takes on something of the character of a box. The volume becomes a container, and the words its contents. By extension, then, the volume of any form, whether material like a wooden box or ideal like an abstract geometrical figure, becomes the measure of its capacity to contain. And with that, the voluminous makes way for the volumetric.
ground  book  dirt  codex 
march 2019 by shannon_mattern
Dirt Legal
We take the hassle out of making your Dirt Bike, ATV, or UTV Street Legal! Guaranteed or your money back!
street  legal  motorcycle  dirt  bike  sxs 
march 2019 by bmwr1100sla
Alta Motors|Redshift EXR
"The 2019 Redshift EXR is the ideal multi-terrain motorcycle — a dirtbike with lights and a plate. Offering more power and capability than ever before, the Redshift EXR will empower riders with the control and confidence to ride faster, no matter how gnarly the terrain gets. The perfect multi-terrain motorcycle needs to offer street legal capabilities with off-road prowess. We created a bike that could be ridden to local trails and then unleashed to flow through obstacles and effortlessly conquer even the most daunting hillclimbs."
motorcycle  offroad  electric  ev  dirt  dirtbike  diigo 
november 2018 by doglord
Alta Motors
Alta Motors designs and manufactures the most advanced electric motorcycles in the world. What started as a “what-if?” between friends in 2010 has matured into a full scale Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). We endeavor to not only advance the field of motorcycle technology, but to also apply our technology and advanced engineering across transportation markets. In pursuit of this goal we have recruited an agile team of experts, developed innovative electric vehicle technology, and created a world class manufacturing operation headquartered in Brisbane, California. This is where we’re building The Future of Fast.
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november 2018 by doglord
30 Free Film Dust Textures to Add Dirty Effects to Your Work
This collection of Film Dust Textures contains 30 high resolution JPEG images at over 3500x2500px in size at 300ppi. Being such a widely supported file type means they’re compatible with all image editing software.
Design  elements  graphics  graphic  photoshop  dirt  grains  dust  grunge 
august 2018 by bechster

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