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Conferize - We need to meet
The all-in-one social solution for modern event makers: Website, tickets, and community in one place.
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yesterday by iaeon
MultiTail allows you to monitor logfiles and command output in multiple windows in a terminal, colorize, filter and merge.
MultiTail lets you view one or multiple files like the original tail program. The difference is that it creates multiple windows on your console (with ncurses). It can also monitor wildcards: if another file matching the wildcard has a more recent modification date, it will automatically switch to that file. That way you can, for example, monitor a complete directory of files. Merging of 2 or even more logfiles is possible. It can also use colors while displaying the logfiles (through regular ex...
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2 days ago by ebouchut
[SOLVED] transfer AD PDC role - Spiceworks
Active Directory Users and Computers -> Right Click Active Directory Users and Computers -> Change Domain Controller -> Radio Button: This Domain Controller or AD LDS Instance -> Click to highlight the server that's going to be the new PDC Emulator -> OK -> Right Click Active Directory Users and Computers -> All Tasks -> Operations Masters -> PDC Tab -> should list current PDC Emulator on top and new PDC Emulator on bottom, then click Change.
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2 days ago by jgear
Directory of Library School Offerings in Music Librarianship
The Music Library Association's directory of library school offerings (10th edition, November 2013) identifies music librarianship programs in the United States and Canada, with contact information, descriptions of course offerings, and information about continuing education and distance learning programs.
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3 days ago by HarvardMusicLib

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