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libyan pumpkin spread and jamaican pumpkin curry, with lucinda scala quinn - A Way To Garden
I’ve used ‘Butternut,’ I’ve used calabaza, I’ve used sugar pumpkin. Literally you’re just cooking garlic and oil and cumin and coriander, putting your pumpkin in there with some hot pepper flakes and a little bit of water and cooking it until you mash it into however smooth or thick you want it, and the little olive oil on top and then you can just dip anything in there. You can make it a part of a mezze spread.
pumpkin  dip/spread  Israeli 
october 2018 by chienent
Just a Spoonful of: Neiman Marcus Dip
mayo, cheddar, jar hormel bacon bits, almonds. green onions.
make overnight. cold dip. served with ritz, Try using bourbon candied
bacon instead of jar of bacon bits
appetizer  dip/spread  partyfood  halloween  cold 
september 2014 by pegasus505

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