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Discovery of smallest known mesozoic dinosaur reveals new species in bird evolution
"The discovery of a small, bird-like skull, described in an article published in Nature, reveals a new species, Oculudentavis khaungraae, that could represent the smallest known Mesozoic dinosaur in the fossil record."
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Dinosaurs In Love - Fenn Rosenthal (Feat.Tom Rosenthal) on Vimeo
Official video for the wonderful song by Fenn Rosenthal. Made in only 24 hours using 2D frame by frame animation. Directed by Hannah Jacobs, Katy Wang and Anna Ginsburg. Animation by Katy Wang Anna Ginsburg Matt Lloyd Bianca Beneduci Harriet Gillian Matt Partridge Colouring by Hannah Jacobs Eloise Garlick Natasha Pollack Laura Jayne Hodkin
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