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The fight for control over virtual fossils
Fascinating discussion re: #openaccess and 3d data re: fossils. Lots of relevant points about ownership and scientific collaboration #musetech #digitization
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11 days ago by davidnunez
"Shared Collection Development, Digitization, and Owned Digital Collect" by Michelle M. Wu
While library models already exist for sharing physical materials and joint licensing, this paper envisions an aspect of future collections involving a national digital collection owned, not licensed, by libraries. Collaborative collection development, digitization, and digital object management of owned collections can benefit societies in multiple ways, from expanding access to users otherwise unable to reach these materials, to preserving content even when disaster strikes, to red...
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14 days ago by marlened
From photo to tibble – Luis D. Verde Arregoitia
When I first wrote about tidy evaluation and the untangle2 function, I used restaurant menus as an example of how embedded subheaders are used to create small multiples of data (by type of menu item).

After a recent update to the tesseract optical character recognition (ocr) engine, I decided to try and digitize and parse a restaruant menu from a photo. I wanted to try with a real photo from a real menu, and I found this photo in my camera roll.
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23 days ago by sharon_howard
RT : A succinct tookit w recommendations and guidance for developing archival projects, broken down into f…
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23 days ago by miaridge
Information About New Model for Obama Presidential Library | National Archives
"The Obama Foundation will issue a RFP privately on/around February 22, 2019, for a vendor-partner to carry out the work on the digitization project. "
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27 days ago by edsu
Pröspect: A Bot* that reassembles images from the McCord Museum’s Photography Collection
Some interesting points here re: provenance and references when #openaccess collections get remixed with the new artwork prioritized in search engines. Assuming the artist properly respects copyright restrictions, what are the implications for future archivists?
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27 days ago by davidnunez
Scent of Extinct Maui Mountain Hibiscus Revived by Science
A project with @harvardherbaria to bring back the scent of an extinct hibiscus plant using a sample in its archive. Visual, Audio, and 3D we're starting to figure out. But how does one digitize and preserve smell, touch, taste? #digitization #musetech #archives
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4 weeks ago by davidnunez
Artists Covertly Scan Bust of Nefertiti and... - we are Rogue
Last October, 2 artists committed a digital "heist" by covertly 3d scanning and replicating an artifact. I believe in the next 5 years, we'll have super high-res 3d scanners on our cell phones.Trying to wrap my head around the implications of this... #musetech #digitization
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4 weeks ago by davidnunez

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