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The Office 365 Adoption Challenge: “I barely have time to do my work. When am I supposed to find time to innovate?” — Boye & Company
While we can all agree on the many benefits of the digital revolution to enhance the way we work and do business, we don’t often agree on the value of taking the time to understand fully the change implications on the people being impacted.
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march 2019 by fwhamm
RT : Drum roll! 🥁 Let me introduce to a highlight at Discover the benefits of wi…
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march 2019 by steinermatt
Article | The Evolution of the Digital Workspace | Digital Workspace | MKT14P648
For example, you can walk into a conference room that will automatically recognize you and connect you to the audiovisual devices to serve up the apps and data you need to get work done
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march 2019 by ltalley
Wiesbadenaktuell: Klaus M. Bernsau bringt kleine Unternehmen mit Digitalprofis ins Gespräch
Die Digitalisierungs-Werkstatt Rhein-Main ist eine neue Veranstaltungsreihe für Handwerksbetriebe und kleine Produktionsunternehmen. Die Idee dahinter überzeugt. „Wir Dienstleister können oft nicht genau einschätzen, was kleine Unternehmen in Sachen Digitalisierung genau brauchen.
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march 2019 by fwhamm
RT : Atos Scientific Community members in Barcelona showing innovative solutions at for
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february 2019 by tguemes
Why document management needs an upgrade
We all love to talk about tech and the cloud as if they’ve these things dramatically changed the way we live our lives and work. And don’t get me wrong – they could. They should. But too many of our businesses still operate like it’s 1997 when it comes to asset management.
december 2018 by fwhamm
Ambient computing is in the air | Computerworld
A massive convergence of technologies will enable us to use computers and the internet without really using them
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december 2018 by lbenjamin
Drive Performance: Eliminating Email Overload
Summary: In a span of just 3 decades, email has fallen from its lofty position as the most irreplaceable, efficient, enterprise-wide internal communication tool, leaving most organizations desperate for eliminating email overload.
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november 2018 by fwhamm
Die 3 Probleme des Social Intranet
2011 war die Idee des Social Intranets eine Revolution. Neue Tools wie Wikis, Blogs oder Foren hatten zwar schon längst ihren Weg in die Unternehmen gefunden, aber Intranet Manager und interne Kommunikatoren machten oft noch einen großen Bogen um die interaktiven Plattformen.
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october 2018 by fwhamm
Digital workplace governance must be a meeting of equals
There is a classic view of how intranet governance should look, and it consists of a governance committee, an overall sponsor and then the intranet team.
october 2018 by fwhamm

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