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In our latest we discuss supply chain and the need to monitor and measure sustaina…
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11 hours ago by rukku
Three Finnish banks, one core IT platform
But if core systems are less of an advantage to any bank, where does the advantage now come from in competitive banking? According to Niemi, customer experience is becoming the key differentiator.
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22 hours ago by cote
Pivotal Software: bring digital fluidity to bricks-and-mortar retail
The less time spent on logistics, logging product information (i.e. sell-by date) and/or ringing up simple orders, the more time can be spent helping customers on a personal level.
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23 hours ago by cote
DICK’S Sporting Goods Poised to Continue its Successful Digital Transformation Journey
Another important aspect of the new retail experience is buy-online, pickup in-store. This is an easy way to bring consumer gratification that even free two-day shipping can’t match. Shoppers are using stores as pickup points at record rates during the holiday season, especially those on a time crunch or placing orders too late for on-time delivery.

Anticipating the percentage of e-commerce orders placed for pickup in-store would skyrocket as the holiday grew closer, DICK’S wasted no time revamping elements of its buy-online, pickup in-store option and began running them on PCF. Now, store associates spend less time running around and picking pack slips because the experience is integrated into an app on the mobile devices they carry known as “MerchSearch.”
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yesterday by cote
Camera scanning vehicles result in big jump in parking fines
Before Amsterdam started using scanning vehicles in 2013, the Dutch capital issued 18.5 million euros in parking fines. Last year Amsterdam issued nearly 30 million euros in parking fines, an increase of 61 percent. Before using scanning vehicles, Rotterdam issued 177,895 parking fines in 2014. In 2016 that increased by 86 percent to 330,326, before dropping by 6 percent to 310,684 in 2017. AD did not receive more recent figures from Rotterdam.

Delft saw a 26 percent increase in paring fines, Utrecht saw an increase of 17.5 percent. In The Hague, the parking fines increased by half. Tilburg told the newspaper that its issued fines tripled since it started using scanning vehicles.
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2 days ago by cote
Insurance giant Allianz opens up about how DevOps success is fueling its move to cloud
“You need your senior leadership and board to understand what you’re trying to do as you embark on this journey or as you continue to report on this journey, because DevOps is not easy. It’s well worth it and it absolutely should be done, but it’s not an easy thing and takes a lot of patience,” she said.

"So, if you have to explain your business case to your senior executives all the way, you’re not going to have enough time to focus on all the other important things. You need to get that out of the way early and get your senior leadership aligned.”
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2 days ago by cote
Organizational change efforts fail when not embedded into the overall DNA of your . Here is a…
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6 days ago by nigeljames
Electric car charging interoperability is the next big thing in mobility
The arrangement doesn't mean EV owners need to run out and add a Hubject account. All of this should be invisible to the end user—Hubject's actual customers are the charging networks or utilities. Its platform provides an API that different charging networks can use to make that interoperability painless for drivers. "Our software is middleware that runs between network providers in a hub architecture," Glenney explained.

"For example, an OEM who wants all to be able to display charging stations on their smartphone app and infotainment system would connect to Hubject, and the driver gets real-time dynamic point-of-information of where chargers are, services around there, pictures of the charging station, and so on," he said. "It will also tell the user if the charger is available, being repaired, and so on. As you drive around, you can access different charging providers as long as they’re on the network."
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7 days ago by cote
Agile and DevOps are Failing in Fortune 500 Companies
What all of those “unicorns” have in common are flat organizations with small teams that are responsible for a product or feature, including receiving feedback from their customers and guiding the future of the product. ING decided to transform its business to be more agile.
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9 days ago by cote
Exploring New Ways of Working in New Zealand
Most, if not all, teams I have worked with (in the capacity as the Agile Coach in The Lab) do not know what truly matters to their customers. Through numerous planning sessions with key stakeholders from ‘the business’, they gather requirements for their product development. These plans sound great until you start asking a few questions, for example: ‘What are the biggest problems facing your customers?’, ‘How have you validated the requirements with your customers?’, ‘Will the proposed solution actually work in their context?’. Upon asking these kinds of questions, they quickly understand that the proposed backlog of work is frequently what the business wants, not what their customers need. Using design thinking approach and applying techniques for user research and validation, the teams had the opportunities to understand the need of real customers. Talking to a real customer isn’t that hard, but the insights can be quite profound.
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9 days ago by cote
To embrace and disrupt the status quo, procurement leaders need to move away from the transa…
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13 days ago by TomRaftery

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